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1 February, 2009 от · 2 comments

Stanislava Stanoeva Photo: extranoise free to choose my self covered with sky as with a human skin I’ll mark the road for the innocent one for him to reach the lies

In Dream

30 December, 2008 от · 3 comments

Anca Vlasopolos Photo: audreyjm529 in dream clouds shouldered their way past me looking like the familiar purplish fade of a longtime bruise


12 October, 2008 от · 1 comment

Vladimir Levchev Photo: dospaz My name is Lazarus. I came from the grave. 17 years I waited, waited perched on a damp root on the opposite side of life. The sky there is dark and firm.

Late for the Falling Sky

6 October, 2008 от · No comments

Dean Crawford Photo: VMOS The sky is falling, something yells at me. I stop dead in my tracks so it won’t run into me. Whatever it is looks like a chicken with its head cut off. It’s running around in crazy circles, yelling its fool head off at everyone about the falling sky. Whatever it […]