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The jury members – “The Smile of The Summer” photo contest II

September 24, 2009 by · No comments

Public Republic presents the members of the jury of the international photo contest “The Smile of The Summer”. We are happy they are a part of our virtual art space.

Part II

Ludmila Filipova

Ludmila Filipova


I believe in… the genius wisdom of Nature.

Life is… a trip which is not as important as where you started or where you are going to finish – the important thing is every single step, every single moment you manage to catch.

I found extraordinary… that I’m Me and that I’m here exactly in this moment and that I can change what is coming.

The three most important things for me… are love, children and the fact that every day we can sow a grain of good/kindness.

Paul Biddle

Paul Biddle

Fine art artist

I believe in… imagination with Wings and Elastoplasts.

Life is… a bottle of pop.

I find extraordinary… things in the dustbin.

The three most important things are… Ideas , Shaping light and Vision.

Assen Blatechky

Asen Blatechky


I believe in… in my friends.

Life is… beautiful.

I found extraordinary… the music.

The three most important things for me… my daughter, my wife and my work.

Art McLeod

Art McLeod


I believe in… doing the best that I can with what I have to work with.

Life is… to be enjoyed to it’s fullest extent.

I find extraordinary… efforts are rewarded with extraordinary results.

The three most important things for me are my family, photography and music.

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