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The little big world

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Antina Zlatkova’s interview with the photographer Radomira Chipeva

Radomira Chipeva: To see the beauty and uniqueness all around, amidst the chaos of everyday life, and to show them in pictures—these are some of the few things for me that are worth the effort, that really matter and give me satisfaction.

How would you describe yourself in a few words?

Vital, energetic, sociable – and, as far as possible, always positively disposed. The glass is not only half full for me – when I empty it, I’m sure there are still a few drops left at the bottom.

Have photographers got a specific conception of the world and what makes a photographer good?

Everyone sees and perceives the world differently. I don’t know if photographers’ conception of the world is more specific, but each author’s work definitely shows the way he or she sees things. Thus, one and the same model, for example, may look the happiest or the saddest person in the pictures of two different photographers. No matter what subject an author chooses to show, or how to show it, the most important thing is to evoke an emotion and make you think. The good photographer has to possess an intelligent eye and a vivid imagination.

What does photography give you?

The wonderful feelings during the shooting, the processing and sharing of the photos, and the satisfaction with the fact that you are creating something beautiful and that somebody likes it.

What do you strive for catching in your photographs?

When I’m shooting for my own pleasure, I am looking for the model’s fascinating radiance, which inspires me. With wedding pictures, apart from the compulsory scenes, I am trying to seize, above all, the natural and spontaneous moments which most truly reveal the feelings and emotions on this special day. What I want is the couple to feel how happy and beautiful they were on that day when they are looking at the wedding photos after some time.

I have always loved taking photos. Perhaps I have inherited this interest from my father, who until not long ago was actively into it. I began to take photography more seriously three years ago when I decided to share my photos and hobby in the virtual space.

What attracts you in macro objects?

The world of the small things is infinite and incredibly beautiful, when looked at closely enough – like one tiny universe in your feet, gathered together even in a single drop. It is very easy to admire fiery sunsets, mirror reflections in rivers and lakes or magnificent mountains. Imagine, though, with what refinement and accuracy Nature has made creatures which we in most cases consider useless, ugly or even harmful. The only way is to look through the macro lens.

What kind of photographs do you prefer to take – colour or black and white? And why?

I like colours. I am not very experienced in black and white photography but I’ve been experimenting a lot recently. While shooting I rarely think of whether the still will be black and white or not. This happens afterwards when I decide what exactly I want to ‘say’ with it. In certain situations the colour just detracts attention from the picture’s accent. As for close-up photography, I believe colour is the only solution.

I am an incorrigible optimist, and I feel that my photos reflect the cheerful energy of the person behind the camera, and bear my favourite models’ positive charge.

Do you have a special approach to your models when shooting?

People who are aware of being photographed should always be distracted in some way. I always try to make them feel at ease and not think of the camera. That’s why the best pictures are taken when the models do not know they are being photographed, when they are themselves and without the necessary ‘smile at the camera’.

Has photography changed you in a way?

Definitely, yes. After I started looking around in search of objects for shooting, I came to notice the beautiful and unique in absolutely everything that surrounds us.

What are your future plans with regards photography?

To learn a lot more so that I can take better photos, and to deal professionally with one of my favourite genres – wedding photography.

What do you dream of?

Of going round the world with a camera – a new Fuji S5 Pro, for example, – and a nice company.

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