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The Madara Horseman – eternal symbol of Bulgaria

May 17, 2010 by · No comments

Yana Radilova

Listed as one of UNESCO’s World Heritage sites since 1972, and one of the most impressive archeological monuments in Bulgaria, the Madara Horseman, standing 23 meters tall, is a tremendous rock relief located near the village of Madara in the region of Shumen.

The huge structure depicts a Thracian horseman with an eagle over his head, a dog behind him, and a lion laying at the horse’s feet. A symbolic depiction of military triumph, the monument is constructed according to ancient art traditions, and was built during the reign of Tervel.

Photo: boglam

Three inscriptions can be found upon the monument: The upper text refers to the reign of Khan Tervel (8th century); below the rider on the left there is a chronicle from the earlier period of Khan Kormisshi (the middle of the 8th century); the text to the right of the rider refers to the reign of the Khan Krum and Omurtag (9th century).

This World Heritage monument proves the existence of ancient people going back 4000 years B.C., and the wide variety of plants, animals, and the numerous caves in the area prove that this place has attracted admirers and the curious ever since.

Photo: boglam

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