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The sad story of the man, who spent Christmas Eve alone with his dachshund

December 22, 2009 by · 2 comments

Corinna Ketterling

Photo: David Blackwell.

The dachshund, which she left with me
drags me behind him through the snow
we greet a snowmen and we see
all winter’s white enchanting show

Oh yes, I am a lucky man!
she stressed me out and now I’m free
we were good matches now and then
but now I live so happily

The dachshund puppy bites for fear
now it just snaps…and runs away
Don’t be aggressive, come back here
I will protect you if you stay

And when I walk her little pet
people strike up conversations
with strangers now I stand and chat
and resist investigations

“It snows on Christmas you could bet?
Do I let him off the lead?
Do I have kids? Oh no, not yet…
My wife is fine, oh yes indeed

Have a nice day!” – And you behave!
just try to be a nice old duck
remember daddy keeps you safe
don’t snarl, be lovely, give a hug

Well, you and me alone…so what?
we promenade, pick fire-wood
we really do have fun thank God
love speedy cars – that’s understood

And you enjoy to stray with me
we chase drink spirits late at night
I toast to my new life and thee
my dear bewildered looking guide

Untroubled we can watch TV
I fall asleep and snore with you
she always had to moan at me
“come on” “you should” please don`t” “please do”

Yes you are true, my loyal match
you bark and bite but you don’t lie
shoes you may eat and hands you snatch
But you will never say good-bye

Let’s decorate the Christmas tree
sparklers, tinsel, candles glow
smooth angel hair, flamboyancy
oh dachshund mine I love you so

So open up your present now
delicious paunch my dear – all yours!
Oh Christmas Eve – outside the sow
Sit down let’s share the christmas goose

Come to my heart my dearest friend
You ask if I feel disappointed?
Oh no my sweet, you’re heaven sent
I’m happy here with you instead

Yes, you are right, I miss her, too
My tears drop down – you look above –
To call her? No! Don’t ask me to…

First Christmas Eve without my love

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