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Thursday, April 5, 2012

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Lauren Sophie Kearney


I went down to the beach today. I’ve always loved the beach. Watching the waves relaxes me and makes me feel free and undisturbed and far away from lives troubles. Some people find the sea a lonely place, and perhaps it is; I feel quite in harmony with it.

This is, I imagine, a situation every writer would love to be in: sand beneath the feet, sea in front, and the sea breeze that caresses your hair and clears your mind, enabling you to write overtly.

Now and again, I have doubts that perhaps Bulgaria is not where I belong. But when I am stood here, with an incredible view before me, need the question I ask myself be answered. I mean, it’s utterly perfect.

It is not just the sea that inspires me, though. Most things about Bulgaria inspire me to write. Maybe it has something to do with the freedom and the open space that this country boasts.

Well, I can’t do this all day – well I could, but I would never get any work done. I have to focus on my writing and get that done!

I am the kind of writer that plans everything methodically before writing, so right now I am planning. Sometimes I plan maps and characters for my own pleasure, but if I were to write a story of some sort, I could never do it without a systematic plan to abide by.

Everything I do needs planning. No decisions I make are irrational…well sometimes they are.

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