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Vicarious Advice

November 15, 2008 by · No comments

Jude Lally

Photo: betsssssy

live up this freedom
lay it all on the line
liquidate the things that matter most
leave everything behind

pitch a line in hopes of invoking a smile
pass up the dream, it’s been a long hard while
play off the awkward, it’ll send them running
     remember: girls just want to have fun
          so pretend to be funny

                    never guess on the shoe that fit
               never field an infield fly without a mitt
                    never bet on the longest shot
             never gamble with money you haven’t got

                              play the odds, plant a lot of seeds
                               mix and match and quite bizarre
                            a pessimist thinks all women are bad
                                   an optimist hopes they are

                         I’m the latter

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