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Winter, Why

February 21, 2009 by · 3 comments

Cathy Nickola

Photo: helmet13

Because in my bed we must linger
Because it is night, or afternoon but a hiccup

Because we cocoon, we feign
Because the power will fail, but I have a candle

Because the cats sleep

Because flannelled I am safe, & after listing my troubles, I can blame the weather
Because no one visits, but neighbors wave from behind the drifts

Because I can see my footsteps circling back toward the door
Because in these tasseled mukluks my feet are a different country

Because they are sudden strangers, my bare toes
Because I am of the tribe of Demeter

Because soon is the Solstice, the time of maximum tilt
Because no one here is sure-footed, because

We shiver, we do.

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