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Artist of the Week: Iness Rychlik

June 14, 2009 by · 1 comment

A short story about the memory of photography

Velina Vateva’s interview with the photographer Iness Rychlik

How does photography extend to the way you see the world?

I have always loved observing things around me, but photography has taught me to be more precise in the way I see everything and I now dedicate a lot of my attention to details.

Bubbles forever

Sure! I plan to fill two big albums with photographs, telling the story of my life so far, which means 18 years in photos. I will begin with photos from my baby years when my chin was always blue.

I think every one of us wants to keep beautiful memories forever. Some people are passionate about photography; others preserve their memories by writing. I certainly feel photography closer, because I consider that even the most detailed piece of writing could never tell us about the colour of the sky or about the movements of the waves of a dress.

Bad girls go everywhere

I would walk 500 miles

A Bad Dream

Do the themes of your photography come to you or you seek them?

Ideas always come to me all of a sudden, when I have no expectations. It never happens like this, that I go to bed thinking: “Well, now I will be waiting for something to come to me all at once.”

For me great inspiration comes from literature, cinema and music.

Hi, Brigitte

Sugar, Sugar

It very often happens that a sudden impulse seizes me and makes me impatient to get my camera and start shooting. My inspirations come to me even in such daily moments as cleaning with the vacuum cleaner or while brushing my teeth.

Fairy tale

Please, hold me tight

Short story about flying

Spring Eater

I was born in the 1991 in a small town in Poland. I made my first photo when I was four – it was a photo of colourful cover over a bookshelf. I have been seriously working on photography since I was 15 and it was no earlier that I had my first success – one of my photos was chosen for a book cover (the book is Isabel Foneca’s Attachment).

I am now at the high school. After taking my school-leaving exams I plan studying business in UK.

More photos of Iness you could see here.


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