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Artist of the Week — Abby Hollandsworth

August 23, 2010 by · 12 comments

Interview with the young photographer Abby Hollandsworth by Elisaveta Baltova



Abby Hollandsworth is a 16 year old photographer, born and raised on the East Coast of the United States. At the age of 12 she bought her first camera, and her passion for photography grew from there. Over time she came up with more and more ideas to make her pictures inspirational and creative, and people began noticing her work.

At first she shared her pictures on a small site, and that eventually grew into her own blog ( which helped boost her business as a photographer. She doesn’t use Photoshop on any of her pictures, instead she works hard to make the shot as real and unedited as she can. At the moment she shoots weddings, couples, and children, but she hopes to one day intern and shoot for magazines and clothing companies.

How did you decide to start?

Since I was old enough to hold a camera, I’ve loved taking pictures. That started with the cheap, throw-away kinds and developed into SLR digital cameras (over time). I never really started photography at a specific point, but I’d say I always really wanted to become a photographer, and it just grew from there in my middle school years.

.Dreaming of ShootingStars by Abby Hollandsworth

What inspires you the most?

In photography, the most inspiring thing, in my opinion, is the ocean. I find whenever I go to the beach, it refreshes me and I come up with more ideas to make my pictures better.

Do you listen to any music while taking photos? If so, what kind?

Not when I’m in the process of doing a photo-shoot, but when I edit the pictures I definitely do! Nothing loud, just simple music that helps me focus.

Boobaha by Abby Hollandsworth

Boobaha by Abby Hollandsworth

Which is more important? The brand of the camera, or the perseverance and the dedication of the person behind the camera?

When I first started photography, all I thought about was upgrading to nicer cameras, so my pictures would turn out better. What I learned though, is that the camera has little to do with it. Yes, it does help to have good equipment, but that doesn’t make you a better photographer. My most famous picture, the one of the girl jumping without a ripple in the water by the sea, was taken with a cheap point and shoot camera. That example showed me that its creativity and determination are what make a picture beautiful, not your brand/level of camera.

If you had the chance where would you go taking photographs?

Greece, where it’s right by the Mediterranean Sea. I just want to go there with my camera and shoot like crazy!

Balloons by Abby Hollandsworth

Balloons by Abby Hollandsworth

Is it hard to make it in the field of photography? You are 16 and you already speak of your own business. That’s really great. I wish you a lot of luck!

Yes, it is. There are so many other talented photographers out there, and at times its been very tough for me to start a business, especially at my age. What’s made it easier is the help and encouragement of others. When I get a random email from someone I don’t know saying they love my work, it gives me a boost, and it always helps.

Do you sell your photographs? Where can one find and buy them?

I sell my work at under “abbyleigh.”

Edit6 by Abby Hollandsworth

What do you like to do the most, other than making photographs?

I love hanging out with my neighbors (who are my cousins too) and my sisters, which we do all the time.

Flower by Abby Hollandsworth

Is the photography your one and only love?

I could say so, I guess. It’s my passion, and its the field I want to go into in the future, so I definitely love it.

Jump by Abby Hollandsworth

What do you dream about?

Wow, I dream about a lot of things involving photography. I guess my biggest, most far off dream, is to be the photographer for top magazines. I find I love looking through magazines and seeing their photo-shoots, and wishing one day I could do the same thing.

Nicki1 by Abby Hollandsworth

What are your future plans?

I’m only 16, so at the moment I dream more than plan. With only a few years of high school left, I’m torn about what to do and where to go for college in the future. It would be incredible to go to a photography school, but I’m still deciding.

Edit25 by Abby Hollandsworth

Do you think that the picture itself speaks not only about the object, that was photographed, but also for the photographer?

Someone’s picture tells everything about the photographer, if you study it. The mood, style, and amount of creativity prove whether the photographer loves and is passionate for what they do, or don’t put much into their work.

Rain by Abby Hollandsworth

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