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Artist of the Week – Adam Ben Ezra

January 5, 2015 by · 2 comments

Tsvetelina Mareva`s interview with the double bassist

and composer Adam Ben Ezra



Photo: Danielle Jadlyn

Mr. Ezra, would you tell us more about your creative path? Why have you chosen the double bass?

My creative path began when I was very young, when I was 5 I started to play the violin. After a few years of classical training I started to listen to more modern music like pop and rock. This led me to start playing the guitar and later on to play the electric bass. During all this time I was playing the piano too.

When I was in high school I started to be interested in Jazz music which led me naturally to play the double bass.  The ability to play modern music alongside classical music and the additional techniques that I then began to develop kept me focused on the double bass.

What is your preferred music genre?

It’s hard to tell, over the years I have played so many styles and become familiar with all kinds of musical flavors and each one of them has something unique in the groove or sound.

I guess that the most honest answer is that classical and jazz music (the one with the melodies, not the one with never ending solos with too many notes) are the styles that I’m most interested in. I like that the music tells a story with all kinds of colors and harmonies.

On the other hand the music that evokes me the most emotionally is Arabic music. The way the singers and players “cry” through the music moves something inside me that no other music does.


Photo: Sigal Mizrahi

You are also a composer. What’s it take to create a “good’ piece of music?

When I start to compose the first and the main thing I look for is a source, it can be a short melodic phrase, a groove pattern or anything else but it should be so strong and unique that it can be a consistent subject for the whole musical story.

With this, I write the plot around this source, try to develop it intuitively in all kinds of directions. Occasionally it can get quite far from the original source yet still remaining connected to the theme in order that there should be a link.  It’s very important also not to have boring moments, every note should be important in the general flow.

Can you tell us some curious occurrences in your career?

A couple of months ago I was the opening act for one of my Idols, the bass player and the singer – Richard Bona.
After listening to his albums and watching his videos it was very exciting to meet him in person and a great honor to share the stage with him.  He was so nice to me and very cool, I remember that the first thing he said to me after I introduced myself was: “Where are you from?” and when I told him I’m from Israel he suddenly said a phrase in Hebrew: “Eifo hakesef sheli?” which means “Where is my money?”  A great musician with a great sense of humor.


Photo: yosmusic

As we know, you`ve recently been touring Italy. Could you tell us more about this event?

Almost a year ago I started to play with an amazing singer called Noa. I travel with her all over Europe and she is particularly popular in Italy. We often tour there so it gives me an opportunity to perform my solo act as well. In March I’ll be there with my Trio.

I have performed with my material in other countries around Europe including Belgium, France, England and many more. I’m really looking forward to perform in Bulgaria one day!

Are there any differences between the audiences worldwide?

It’s hard to tell because in any country you can find all different kinds of audiences, enthusiastic or more reserved. I guess it depends more on age and the energy of the place for example an audience in a church will be quieter than in a theater.

One thing I did notice is that the European audiences in most of the cases do not clap until the song has completely finished and there’s no sound, while the American audience might respond faster with applause.

What is in your opinion the relationship between science and art and how they interact?

Science development has always influenced the expression of art. Sound and visual artists try to find new tools for creating and scientific revelations has always helped with that.

Before electricity the music was completely different, both the sound and the process of creating. Nowadays many people listen to music though their smart phones so they get used to listening to music without low frequency. I guess this will slowly change the experience of music listening, I just hope they won’t lose their interest in the bass.

The development of the internet has improved tremendously for artists in the sense of delivering their art and communicating with their audience. It has allowed us, the artists, to be much more independent so we can create in a more honest way.


Have you read “The Double Bass” by Patrick Susskind? Do you agree that the musician is a lonely person because of his commitment to the music?

I’ve heard about it but haven’t read it. I agree that most musicians have a strong commitment to their music but I’m not sure it is necessarily connected to their social habits or sense of loneliness. Music can actually be a social thing; playing and communicating with others through music.

It’s a matter of balance, how much time and energy you devote to your music and how much you put in the other areas of life. In my opinion it’s very important not to neglect your life by focusing more on your art. They go hand in hand together, your life experiences and emotions are expressed through art and it does not need to be more or less important.

What project are you currently working on? We`re looking forward to seeing you in Bulgaria soon!

The project that I’m currently working on is my Trio Project. After a few years of performing solo I decided to move to the next step and to create a band.

I found two super talented musicians: the percussion player Gilad Dobrecky and the guitarist Adam Ben Amitai. After excellent feedback from our shows, I am excited to share with you that we have begun the process of making my debut album!

This album is accompanied with a crowd funding project and I welcome anybody who is interested to be a part and support the album making.

Here is the link for more info:

\Adam on YouTube\

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