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Artist of the Week – Andrea Kamal

March 9, 2009 by · 7 comments

Natalia Nikolaeva’s interview with the photographer Andrea Kamal

My name is Andrea Kamal. I was born on February 10, 1965 in Mülheim an der Ruhr which is located in North Rhine – Westphalia in Germany. My father was an Egyptian and my mother is a German. After finishing my school education in 1984 I went abroad to live in Cairo, Egypt. It was a very intense time which really shaped my personality and where I gained priceless experience. For a few years, I also lived in Saudi Arabia and in 1993 I went back to Germany.

In 1996 I bought my first DSLR – since then I became totally addicted to photography. I love taking photos to eternalize each wonderful moment. I am not committed to a certain genre, because beauty is found almost everywhere.

Currently I am working full time for Aon – the leading German Insurance Broker located in Hamburg. Photography is the perfect hobby for me and the perfect way to recover from a long day in the office.
A last thing … if you really want to know me just look at my pictures!

What is your favourite art?

The digital photography is perfect for me, because from the moment of a vision to the complete product passes just a short time, so in this way I can rapidly dedicate to new ideas.

Your dream job?

Professional photographer.

What is your favourite city? Which city would you like to be in your photos most and why?

I love Paris and New York! New York is very special, has a special rhythm and offers every photographer countless and unusual interesting themes, besides the architectural art!

What is the best compliment you have ever received for your photos?

A friend wrote to me some time ago the following: Your photostream is a therapy for the eyes of every artist and non-artist, it is a valuable source of Inspiration. You always show us things that are surprising, convincing and impressive.

What are your biggest influences?

Influences on my photos are my personal spirit, the weather and the time of the year!

Why do you like portrait photos? What is a portrait to you?

Every person is a personal art – beautiful and unique. I would like to show the beauty and the specific features of every person.

To me a portrait is an artistic image of a person the way he is and the way I see him. Also, to express the personality, I take the photo of the person not always in full, but just the face. A portrait is continually a challenge.

What does a person need?

A bit of creativity and a good eye for situations; a sense for the right moment and of course, a camera with the eligible object with sufficient light intensity.

I prefer therefore the following lens: Canon EF 50mm 1:1.4 USM

What do you dream of?

I dream of life in absolute peace, health and of course more time for my favourite hobby – Photography. A bit of international success would be wonderful.

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