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Artist of the Week — Antonis Liokouras – In love with photography

September 21, 2009 by · 5 comments

An interview with Antonis Liokouras by Ani Vasileva

Antonis Liokouras

Antonis Liokouras

Antonis Liokouras

His name is Antonis Liokouras. He was born in Port-Said Egypt 52 years ago from parents of Greek nationality.
They moved to Athens in the late ’60s, where he attended a private French-Greek school.
He studied Graphic Design and Photography in Athens
He have worked as a graphic designer and an art director in multinational advertising agencies (1983-1997).
Since 1998 he has been a freelancer, working mainly with monthly and weekly magazines.
He covers a large variety of subjects, including portraits, reportage, deco and travel.
Photography was always his favorite hobby.
His first camera was a Nikon FM which he bought in late ’70s
Despite the technological evolution in digital photography, in his personal projects he prefers to use old fashioned film..!!!


As we can see from your biography you have lived in two absolutely different cultures. Have they left any marks on your work?

I have been influenced in all aspects of my life by the fact that I have lived in 2 different cultures. I consider myself open to change. I wish to discover new things, like experimenting. At the same time I consider other cultures an enrichment of my everyday life….and of course I am always on the go.
This has affected my work as a photographer. Although I favor certain themes, I am multi-tasked.


You have different interests in photography. You photograph women, cemeteries, goats, nature… which is your favourite theme?

In the past, I’ve done portraits, landscapes, nudes, still life, worked in black and white, even done action photography such as motorbikes and car races. However, I prefer themes that include a human presence.


Which is the most beautiful part of the female body?

Literally….every part. I find the female body so inspirational.
It gives me a vast variety of opportunities to communicate different feelings through my photos.
However, I take into consideration the limits of my photos. It is imperative that the outcome will be considered as art and not porn.



Why do you prefer dark colours and an old fashioned style in your work?

I feel that old photos are full of emotion. They take you back in time and place, leaving you with a bitter taste of nostalgia and mystery. Since I was a kid, I used to spend much of my free time looking at old photos.


What gives you inspiration, ideas and influences?

Anything that initially attracts my attention is a potential area of exploitation for me. Watching a good film will often trigger ideas I can work on.


I must also admit that I am very much influenced by my studies as a graphic designer and my prior occupation as an art director in multi-national advertising agencies.


What is your dream picture?

I am still working for my dream picture….


How does the world look through your lens?

The world for me is like a big photo album. Even the simplest picture I capture may portray reality or fiction…. Behind every photo there is a lot to tell…


As a photographer who covers a large variety of subjects, tell us which one is the most difficult to catch in a shot?

I find street photography very challenging. It fascinates me profoundly. Even the smallest glimpse at the fine work of really great photographers raises the standards I set for my work very high.


Do you plan in advance what pictures you want to take or are you spontaneous?

I like to plan beforehand both my photo themes and the locations, so as to put my ideas in order. But I always keep my eyes open and do not rule out spontaneous shots when the opportunity arises.


You are successful photographer with years of experience. Tell us what is the key for good work and a successful career?

The key for a good work is persistence, always striving to achieve more. Concentrate your energy on the realization of your ideas and projects. You also have to have confidence in your capabilities. But most of all be in love with photography.


A career does not always depend purely on being a good photographer. This is, of course, the case for many other professions as well. Other factors, mostly deriving from the macro-environment, will affect your career and create uncertainty in your life. It is at those times that you must not quit your dreams.


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