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The jury members – “The Smile of The Summer” photo contest

September 23, 2009 by · 1 comment

Public Republic presents the members of the jury of the international photo contest “The Smile of The Summer”. We are happy they are a part of our virtual art space.

Alan Rosin

TV and Commercial Producer

I believe in… humanity.

Life is… a beautiful gift.

I find extraordinary… mankind’s ability to create.

The three most important things are… life, love and art.

Hristo Shopov


I believe in… God and I think that He is one for all. We just use different names… I don’t like moderators…

Life is… not always fair…

I found extraordinary… nothing.

The three most important things for me… my family, my work and I’m still searching for the third one…

Kornelia Winert

Photographer and Editor (Public Republic)

I believe in… the good in human.

Life is like… a box of chocolates: You never know what you’re gonna get!

I find extraordinary… being a part of this jury.

The three most important things are… family, friendship and time.

Vessy Borisova

Film producer, photographer, owner of Buzz Films

I believe in… the fact that without faith man is lost – I believe in the power of faith. I believe in God. I believe that in anyone’s heart it is possible to be good and if enough people give themselves that chance there would be no hunger around the world. I believe that man has the strength and the potential to make every dream come true.

Life is… adventure. You can be on the very top, but you can also fall to the bottom of the ocean… just have to cope with it and to enjoy its variety. I love life.

I found extraordinary… the human being – the most amazing and incredible creation.

The three most important things for me… are children, health and freedom.

More to follow…

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