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Artist of the Week – Dr. Mel Gill

August 19, 2011 by · 2 comments

Interview with Dr. Mel Gill by Mariana Velichkova & Rossitza Yotkovska

Dr. Mel Gill is one of the world’s leading experts in Personal Development and a Mentor to countless Speakers, Trainers and Business Owners around the world. He is a Business and Training Consultant and is also known as a Corporate Sage and Advisor to CEOs of Fortune 500 Companies.
He has been a student of Hermetic Philosophy for the past 25 years and uses that knowledge to help as many people as possible to understand their life situation and to find solutions to every conceivable problem they might encounter.

He is the author of the bestseller The Meta Secret. The book is based on actual events in his life beginning with a Near-Death-Experience at age 19 right up to his rise as a “Motivational Guru”, Radio Talk Show host and Media Personality.


Thank you for your kindness! It is a great honor for us.

Thank you for taking this time.

We have our questions here. I am pretty familiar with the Secret, but just recently heard about the Meta Secret and it grabbed my attention.

We just started bringing it out to the world less than a year and we are already in 24 languages and we are bestselling in eight countries so far and so, slowly people are getting to know who we are.

I guess everybody who knows about the Secret will get familiar with the Meta Secret as well. So, let’s get started. Our first question is: How does the Meta Secret reveal more than the Secret?

OK, That’s a very good question. The Secret started off with people paying more attention to Carl Jung’s synchronicity. Carl Jung said that if you are to think about of event or a person and that event or a person eventually comes into your being, into your consciousness, into contact with you, sounds like the Law of Attraction, doesn’t it, and the Secrets talks about the Law of Attraction but what it does not tell you and all the other secrets that came after that – beyond the secret, along the Secret, mother of the Secret, all of those kind of secrets, they do not tell you that the Law of Attraction is one of seven ancient laws, so there is not just one Law of Attraction there are seven laws of attraction and if you use them all exactly the same way, with the same balance eventually you will get what you need to get.

That’s how it is and so I wanted to show the world the other six laws and what they are all about and I wanted to give them something practical that I know people have tried and they come to me and say: Dr. Mel, I’ve tried the Secret, I’ve imagined, I’ve visualized, I did this and this, I wished so hard, I prayed to Abraham or whatever else and how come it does not work? Well, let’s find why it does not work and then low and below I have found at least thirteen reasons why the Law of Attraction does not work for a lot of people. So, I wrote a little article on this and I started going around seminars, doing this found 28 laws that will help you make the Law of Attraction work. So, I do it for free, I do not charge people as much as possible, if they charge money for the seminar, it’s to pay for the hall and all of that. So, I want to teach people all of this so they can have the life they want. Period. End of story.


Thank you. Our next question is kind of related to the first one and I think you have partially answered already, but here it is: Why the Law of Attraction sometimes seems like it is not working?

OK. I will answer the other partials, since I had the first partials anyway, just out of curiosity. The Law of Attraction is not about wishing for something and having that thing happen to you. Does not always happen like this. In fact, the Law of Attraction is really paying attention to your awareness, you see, you were coming to this room and you were sitting here for how long while waiting for me?

Five, ten minutes.

Close your eyes. Now, tell me what is the color of the carpet you have been on in this room for 10-15 minutes?


And what are the patterns on the carpet?
I don’t remember. /laughing/

You don’t remember? That’s fine. That’s very good. Open your eyes and see how observant you are.

At least I guessed the color! /laughing/

Yes, yes, you have guessed it correctly, but that was a guess, you were not even sure yet.. In the same way if I ask you to look around the room and look at all the objects that I’ve looked, so, I am going to ask you another question, look carefully.. Ready?

Let’s say..

OK, take your time. Ready?

MG: Good! Close your eyes. Name one thing red.

There is no red thing.

There are so many red things. Look around.

Where? Only the camera…

The camera is red…

I didn’t see the camera…

The file on the table… there is a little bit of red there. The point is that we are so distracted with life, we look for the things we want to look for, so if we were miserable and we were looking at: Oh, life is terrible…and then it starts to rain and then we say: See, it rains in my birthday party…

It is like selective…

You are selective; you put lenses on that are gild with your thoughts. So, if you feel that you don’t deserve the thing you are asking for then something will happen inside of you that will create a self-sabotaging behavior. You will say the wrong thing, you will do the wrong thing, you will think the wrong thing and something will happen that will stop you from achieving what it is you want to achieve. That’s what happens and so that’s the major reason. Tomorrow I hope you are coming?


Good, then you will hear all the other reasons. I will go through step by step and we will go through that.


Thank you. What role does God have in the Meta Secret?

I have not met God yet. I am not…I am just kidding.

Too bad…/laughing/

Well, you know, the funny thing is when you say God all of a sudden it becomes like a religion. But yet we live with all of God around us, there is evidence of God everywhere…like the wind, you can’t see the wind but there is evidence that the wind is blowing. And you know the trees move and Aha!, so the evidence of it is there so God is like this invisible thing, it is all around us, it is like Luke Skywalker, he calls it the Force…”Use the Force!”, but some people come to me and said: “But, Mel, my learning tells me that I am God, that I can create my reality.” Mm…yes, and no. It’s… you see my finger, my last finger, right, or let’s look at your finger. This finger is part of you…

Yeah, but it is not me…

But it is not you. So is that ludicrous as the finger say: I am Mel? It is not true. So God is part of you, but not you. He is much more than that. God is that woman. You know, when people greet each other and they are Hindus, it’s very interesting, I am not Hindu, but when they meet each other they say: Namaste! That means: I salute the Divinity or the God inside you! How brilliant is that!


They see God in every human being, every living being, not just humans…plants, animals…

In all living beings… except New Zealanders…

Except New Zealanders??

People from New Zealand.

They are not human beings? /laughing/

I am just kidding…

That’s a special remark… /laughing/

Dr. Gill makes a joke with one of his associates, who is from New Zealand and is making a video of the interview.

He is an exception from the rule then…/laughing/

He is married to Doris and they work with me in Pandora Publishing, they run Pandora Publishing actually, they are in charge of everything…

It seems you are a great team, traveling around the world.

Yeah, we are.


Our next question is: What are the most important practical aspects of the Meta Secret?

The Meta Secret, as the word implies it, meta beyond the secret, the real secret of the secret is that it was not a secret, everybody knows this, everybody knows that if you think something you will become that thing. Buddha 2500 years ago said the same thing: Your mind is everything. If you think you can, you can, if you think you cannot, you cannot. Nothing I do would persuade you otherwise.

So, in the same way I needed to give people a practical approach, solution-based therapy, which is what I do with my clients as a psychotherapist. You are stuck in a problem; my job is to give you not the solutions, but a change of thinking so that you can find the solution yourself.

So, instead of being problem-focused: I’ve got so many problems, I’ve got aches in my body, I’ve got not enough money, I’ve got not enough love, I’ve got not enough, not enough, not enough…so change the prospective so that you can find a way to get the amount of money you need practical solution do this, do this, do this and I’ve got some friends of mine to come in and talk about that. Jay Abraham talks about optimization in my video. Have you seen the video?

Not yet.


The DVD will tell you, the book will tell you that as well, Jay Abraham says there is a self-optimization process; you need to optimize what you do. Jack Canfield says if you want to get from here to there, there are steps in between that you must to follow: step 1, step 2, step 3, step 4…

So I provide a practical alternative by my friends but at the same time I also provide a therapist’s point of view of how to see things. I hate to say this but tomorrow I will show you everything that needs to go from problem-based to solution-based. And when you are solution-based then you welcome problems. “Yeah, give me another problem.”


It’s like a challenge…

It’s a challenge, yes, and then you love it because it makes you shine.

And it empowers you when you can overcome it.

Yes, it’s absolutely right.

I think the next question is connected to the previous one…

They are all connected; all the questions are the same.

How the Meta Secret can help us to become better persons to ourselves and others?

By putting everything I tell you to do into practice. The problem with a lot of people is, they think they can pick up the book The Meta Secret and they read it and magic will happen, it is not like that.



It does not work like that. If I give you a tennis racket and I give you a ball and tell you how Andre Agassi hits the ball etc…that’s not enough, what do you need to do?


Practice. So a lot of the techniques I teach in the book demand practice either thinking practice, emotional practice, physical practice or a change in consciousness, just perspective. So if you find yourself depressed ask yourself several questions. Why are you depressed, what is it that making you depressed, what is it that making you angry.
I will give you an example. Have you met Dimitar?



He is the fellow, who organized all this and he this morning was very upset. He was angry because the people who have the bill posters all over the place, put them at the wrong places, you cannot find them and so on. He paid thousands and thousands of dollars for doing all this. And he said “I am so angry blank, blank…” and he used some “nice” words to describe it…

But then I said “Dimitar, think again very carefully, I think you are not upset with them, you are upset with the fact that you did not speak up, that you did not become assertive and strong and did not say “I don’t want them here, I want them here.” And so you were very upset about the fact that you did not stand up to do that. So people do not really realize this.

Like if you have a boyfriend…


I am in a long-distance relationship.

We won’t explore it… But if you are in a relationship with someone sometimes when you are angry with that person, have you noticed that it is not the thing they did that made you angry, it’s the build up, things one after the other, first time you are patient: OK, tolerate…

I am tolerating…

Then you tolerate again, then you tolerate again. And then finally Boom! A snap….

I am an expert in this! /laughing/

I know. That’s why I’ve mentioned that.

That is how it works.

Yes, I know.

And actually, it’s true that when I calm down and we talk afterwards, it is never about the small, little thing, it is about all that is behind it, all the thoughts and disappointments, all the build ups in the mind, all the fears… He says that I am collapsing the world…

Sometimes you are.

That’s my challenge. I am perfectly aware what exactly I am doing and thinking, but it is hard to stop myself when I allow my emotions to get over me.

It needs practice. You won’t succeed the first time, you may not succeed the tenth, eleventh or twelve time, but eventually you will succeed.


I hope so. /laughing/Our next question is: What would you like to say to those who are skeptical about the teachings of the Meta Secret?

Buy another book. /laughing/

Buy another book? That’s practical. /laughing/

That’s practical. What can I do? Please, please, please…read..etc.. if it does not resonate with you, leave it alone, go somewhere else. You are not ready. Become even more miserable until my next book which is Anything is Possible.

Thank you. Approximately how long does it take for changes to take place after we started to apply this knowledge in our lives?

There are two things we are talking about. Changes that take place are different from habits that you want to start. Example of a habit is having positive thinking. Positive mental attitude means in a dark situation you find silver linings. Let’s say you are walking to this room, depending on how you see the glass – half empty or half full. “Oh, the room is too small, the décor – my God, my grandmother put this up,…and then you start to find all the negatives and stuff. Or, you walk into the room and you say: It is a very small room, what is the positive about this? There is a TV set from Samsung, that’s good, then you search and find a couch that you like, which is comfortable. You search for the things that are positive, that’s a habit. It will take you about 21 to 27 days to form a habit usually.

To switch to that.

It’s a switch so it takes time…

How can the Meta Secret assist us in reaching our full potential?

The Meta Secret is only one tool or seven tools along with the whole bunch of other tools. I am not the only book that you must read. From the time at school there are classics written by poets and writers who are even greater than I can ever hope to be. They have written things that educate and change your mind. These are all tools. I only deal with one small aspect of the Meta Secret and this how the mind works and operates, and how materialization, manifestation works.

That is a practical thing; it’s not a magical thing. I’ve been before to Carnies ,the fellow who started all the seven laws of Carnies, yet If you notice I brought it back down to earth, because daily living is different from magical thinking. Everybody wants magical thinking, that’s why the Secret was so successful. All other secrets were so successful because wish for something and it will happen and why, because it started from childhood.

Because we read stories like Aladdin and the magic lamp, rub the lamp and then the genie appears and: “Your wish is my command! What’s your wish?” And then you wish and you get it and everybody would like to do that, because the reality is, everything is hard work.


We’ve talked about relationships just now, that’s hard work. Very hard work, especially long-distance…that’s even harder work. About 80% of long-distant relationships don’t well, you might become the 20% that does do well, but then a lot of extra effort is required from you and you got to pay attention to that. Most women’ problem’s been that you have read too many fairy tales.

So there is a princess in distress, she is in trouble and here comes the prince in his shining armor with a big, white horse, comes into the fray, rescues the princess and takes her back to his castle. But 2 years later the princess wakes up and she finds out she did not married the prince…

…but the frog…/laughing/

She married the horse. /laughing/

In the best case /laughing/

Which is the worst case scenario…You see we have to come up with reality. The fairy tales stop at happily ever after. They didn’t tell us that 2 years or 4 years later she was screaming at the prince: “Look I hate these castle walls, I want them pink…and besides you never ever, you forgot my birthday.” And she has to wake up at 3 o’clock in the morning to breastfeed the baby and the price is sleeping and snoring like a frog and then so as a result ….etc. They do not tell you the reality. No one does. No one teaches you in school that relationships are not that easy, that you go through days when you are sexually attracted to the person and then you have this wonderful honeymoon period together and after that everything levels off. You are so lucky that you have a long-distance relationship, because every time you meet is like Wow!

It’s like a new beginning.

All over again and it’s exciting. Imagine a man and a woman sitting together… He has been married to that woman, Doris, for 38 years.


You either have to be mad /laughing/ to do this or they really love each other. But they have a secret…

Maybe they are soul mates?

Could be. Maybe they are soul mates and maybe you should meet them and find out. But they have a secret though; they believe for the whole of their married life that you must go out on at least two romantic evenings a week. He goes on Tuesday, she goes on Thursday. /laughing/

I was just about to ask: With somebody else?



The next question is: Do the laws of the Meta Secret work if we try to fulfill desires which are in a way contradictory to the moral and religious norms?

Give me an example.

Like somebody falls in love with a married man or woman and they really desire this person and feel like he or she is their soul mate and they are completely obsessed with them, but they do not do anything practical to destroy the family, but they have the intense desire to be with this person but it goes against the moral codes.

You have asked about God earlier. I sincerely believe that there is a unifying force in the universe, that knows what is right for each person and gives that person exactly what they need at that time and if they decide to cross moral boundaries and all of this, it does not decide good or bad, it just gives you what you need at that time to go through the lessons you need to go through.

Sometimes a person needs to go through the lessons of infidelity and pain; sometimes there is no other way to learn. And this is the only way to have wisdom sometimes. By doing wrong things they begin to realize what they are all about. By telling them they do not seem to learn, they need to learn the hard way. Unfortunate, but true for a lot of people.

And when it comes to love and especially feeling hungry, needy and empty for so long and it does not matter if it is a horse, or a vegetable there is no difference, you are in love and so you want to feel the void with something and you do not even think about the fact that you are destroying a family with children. You are just paying attention to what’s yours.

So, how do I tell a person like that what to do? Because they will hate me for the rest of their life. This is just not right and useful because if I go out with someone, let’s say if I decide to take you out on a date, I am a single man and I can do that. If I did this, now what would I have done? I would have been involved with someone who is involved with somebody else.

So, for the rest of my life even if we end up being a couple, you will always wonder about the other person and so you are not truly here with me. So, in my book The Meta Secret, if you read it, I teach you that you come to a path of fork on the road. The road goes left or goes right. Choose either one and don’t go back. Don’t look back even. But a lot of people do this. As soon as they get with somebody else, marry or whatever, even a career path they choose: O, I wonder what would’ve have been, what could’ve been, what should’ve been but it didn’t and then they go back and try to explore that.

But when you take a path do not look back, go forward. There is only one path – forward. The problem is they do not teach us this in school – to let go. And all of live is letting go. First we start to let go of our youth, bit by bit, so eventually you are going to find you give up your children, if you have children, because they grow and have lives on their own, then you give up one or both of your parents, because you love them so much but they have to die. This is what life is all about. No where do they teach us how to let go. Even of the people we love. That’s a problem.


That’s the hardest lesson, I think, for everybody.

And you have to learn it by force.

How to deal with the accumulated negativity from the childhood?

Tomorrow I am going to teach people how to abscond from that. It is an exercise. 10-15 minutes it will take to do this exercise and you will slowly let it go, not that you will forget, you will remember, you always remember, unless you are very stupid, but the emotional impact would not be as if it happened yesterday.

Like some people hold grudges for so long and when you tell them, not you, but examples like this: Five years ago a boyfriend or somebody forgot your birthday and went off for sports with his friends, football or something like that, and then comes and says Oh, looks like the date is gone I forgot, but you says O, it is OK and have a big fight and it is finished, but then five years later when you remember it, you remember it as if it was just yesterday, the pain is still there, you are still emotionally charged.

So I will teach you a technique tomorrow, it will take over a while to do this when you remember it, but the emotional heaviness of it and the charge and the hold and all of that will diminish significantly, so you do not hold onto. Not necessary, not useful. Otherwise people will avoid you. People avoid depressed people. When you see a depressed person comes in into the house or the room, Oh, my knee hurts, oh, my stomach hurts, life sucks…and after you know the person and see them coming on my way you go: So how I can hide so they go by.

But if you are cheery, wonderful and happy, you don’t have to be ridiculously happy, as if you are on drugs or something, but you can be normal and just pleasant. People love to spend time with pleasant people, who let go and don’t hold on to this. And relationships work a lot better when we do not hold to the past. Things that happened are the past, they already happened, so we only have the present and beyond.

So you choose the things that come out of your mouth – do you want to heal or do you want to get even and hurt? Just choose what you want to say. Just choose carefully and then everything will be fine. If you knew today that you will have only 2 weeks to live, that two weeks from now you are going to die, just of medical condition, it’s called “two week tetanus”, if you and your boyfriend have a fight right now is it important who is right and who is wrong. No, because you are dying in two weeks. All you want is the pleasant feeling, touch and so no. If you knew you are going to die in two weeks, the things you have been angry about do they matter? No, you want to go out there, look at the sunset, have a latte and enjoy your nice little cake from somewhere; you will want to have more fun. Life is short. You, yourself have been given a big reminder that life is short.


Yeah, the hard way.

Now, I know it is hard and has been hard, I am sorry, it’s hard, but sometimes we do not learn so the easy way. And so now that you know life is short, have fun.

Yeah, I have this realization while I was coping with my grieving, that I should live my life to the fullest, because I don’t have so many chances left.

Yes, don’t ever forget, because you are starting to live like you live forever. You forgot. Remember, very short, very precious journey, have more fun.


The next question is: Many esoteric schools hide their knowledge and practices with the explanation that they can be dangerous for the non-initiated. Is it possible for the Meta Secret to do some harm to those who are not ready to accept it?

Yes, if you hit people with the book /laughing/

It’s very practical stuff. Yes, I have to use the esoteric ??? , hidden in the free masons, I have to use that because people like that, I don’t know why they like that, they like mystery, so I have to draw them in. And then when they start reading and get drown in they say: Where’s the mystery, it is all practical. It is just mind over matter, so many practical things. All the laws are all practical. The Law of Rhythm for example, is a hermetic law. What is it? Well, countries have economic highs and economic lows, you have emotional highs and emotional lows and everything goes in cycles, day, night, moon goes through cycles – everything is in rhythm. And if you can flow the rhythm and sometimes you will feel happy, well, enjoy the happiness, and sometimes you will be sad, try not quite hurting people while you are sad and angry and then you will be alright. So men learn you know. Once every 28 days hide somewhere, don’t come back until it is finished and then you will be OK.


One of the explanations about why so many of the metaphysical secrets of the ancient civilizations got lost is that they were like the extinct species; they disappeared when they were not more necessary from an evolutionary point of view. What’s your comment on that?

The subject is bigger than I can perceive and understand, because you are talking about historical architectures, entire civilization overbuild, archeology that studied a long time ago. Even the Palenque stone, the Mayan stone, for the 2012 remember the end of the world is coming up very soon, December 21st.

Somebody asked me: How do you feel will the world end? I said: Do you want to know my real theory about the stone and why the Mayans ended it there? Because the guy who’s curving it ran out of stone because he …???.. and then he ordered another stone, the same stone from the Aztec, not knowing that the Aztec were extinct as well, so he waited for the FedEx guy from the Aztec to send him the stone and 3 months, 6 months went by nothing happened, no delivery, so a year later he stopped curving stone because there was no more stone and became a baker. And so we are left with archeology finding this half-finished stone and we think the world is going to end. That’s just my theory.

They say we use only 10% of our brain capacity. Why?

Yes, less actually. That 10% is a myth. It is not real, it is not neurological science.

It can’t be measured really.

MG: No, no, the 10% came from the experiments done by an Italian physician, who was actually working with frogs and when he was dissecting their brains he found that only 10% of the brain was actually involved in all the physiological responses of the frogs and so he assumed that this would be true in human beings as well. We are finding out through FMRI, magnetic resonance imagery for the brain and you don’t have to cut anymore that this is not true; everyone is using all of the brain all the time.

Now, the funny this is people were saying: Does that mean that the smarter I am, the more brain I am using? That’s not true also. Science is showing us, FMRI images are showing us that if your scores are very high on the IQ scale, like 240 or beyond genius, you use less of your brain. How that’s interesting. Do we have an economy of cells that we use or that we do not use so much of this we are still not clear because now we find that memory is no longer part of your brain cells.

Memory is holographic. It is outside of your body. So for some strange reason you are walking to a holographic field and you generate memory from just doing that. That’s very odd because now they are telling us what the quantum physicists and all the magicians from many years ago are telling us, which is basically you are not your body, you are not your mind, you are not your thoughts, you are something beyond all of this. And that this is just a channel. Wait a minute, that’s sounds familiar like all the other religious people that are telling us.

I am quite familiar with Vedic philosophy and that’s the main concept. And how about 5%:95% conscious/subconscious thing?

That’s a different thing all together. I am glad you brought that up. /to Dimitar Bojinov/. If I had an object let’s say my lip-gloss and this was your conscious mind then by comparison your subconscious mind is the size of this entire hotel compare to this. So there is nothing “sub” about your subconscious mind. So is it possible that maybe a lot of your processes are really happening at a different level? Right now if I would’ve asked you What did you have for lunch a year ago?

A year ago?

MG: Today, a year ago.

I surely don’t remember.

But if I put you in a hypnotic trance, move your conscious mind aside, your subconscious mind will be able to tell me right down to the last little grain of rice that you eat, right down to the last little foods that you eat on the side, right down to the fluid ounces of the water or whatever else you drink, right down to who was sitting with you and what you talked about. Your subconscious mind is so amazing. And this is what we are bringing to Bulgaria. And already somebody started this one of your national heroes did this – Georgi Lozanov.

Subjects, logic and all of this, telling everybody 50 years ago that your mind is limitless. There is nothing you can’t do. And he proved it in the military by teaching them languages and the children in the school. And what his country did? Threw him in jail. We are about to change that, I am about to make him a hero again. And I am going to bring out everything he talked about and tell the world this man exists and let the world know that he is such a hero and he is hiding in Bulgaria. You must know that your mind is limitless. If you believe you don’t have the capacity to do something you won’t.

What is your impression of Bulgaria and how did you decide to come here?

How did we decide to come here? Georgi Lozanov was the main purpose. And I put it in my mind that I will meet him. It took 3 years to meet him since he does not want to meet anybody. He is suspicious of the world, he hates people, but he loves us, because it took 3 years to build this relationship.

Then happy through, good news and Bard came up with publishing the book and he said: Hey, it’s a bestseller! Great! Come, I will do something to help. I will do this seminar, that seminar, then we met this young man and the next thing you know we did this seminar and now we are about to set up the Master Trainer Institute of Bulgaria and it is going to be permanent, I may end up staying here longer.

Sounds like a good project.

Yes, things are progressing. I make a plan but sometimes there is a plan that is bigger and I do not see. And who knows what will happen.

Thank you very much for your time. I really enjoyed our conversation.

I really enjoyed talking to you.


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