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Artist of the Week – Jarle Bernhoft

August 30, 2011 by · No comments

Interview by Dessislava Berndt with the musician Jarle Bernhoft


Jarle, what does music mean to you?

I guess music encompasses everything in my life, thus being the meaning of it all.

Photo: Fred Jonny Hammeroe

How and why did you get into music?

It wasn’t much of a choice really, my parents are both musicians, so I had the relative choice of trying to do something else and be terrible at it (I am really talentless in most unmusical areas) or do something well. Well it was, hence, music.

What are your other passions?

Cats and a fantastic woman now and then. Spreading peace, love and understanding in general.

Photo: Fred Jonny Hammeroe

What’s your life philosophy?

General karma laws; do good, and good will come back to you.

Who or what affects your personality and your music?

Apart from said cats and woman, there are those profound encounters with extraordinary people, or books, or stories, albums, events or exhibitions, that completely change everything. Murakami’s ‘Wind-up bird chronicle did that. As did James Blake’s album. And the recent terror in Norway, it’s impossible to stay the same afterwards.

What is the most surprising experience working with other musicians for you?

Basically, the fact that people I admire felt that I had something that was worth listening to. The times I play with a band I constantly have to pinch myself; they are such fantastic artists, and I’m on stage with them. I’m slowly finding my place, but it’s not given, and it shouldn’t ever be.

Photo: Fred Jonny Hammeroe

Could you tell us please something about your current and future projects?

I’m currently doing festivals, both solo and with my band, but next week I’ll be working with the Norwegian Broadcasting Symphony Orchestra KORK, and if that pans out well we’ll hope to release recordings of it towards the end of this year. Late September to December is stuffed with tour dates in my calendar, and hopefully I’ll be able to write some music before that. Last but not least, I have a son that I’ll try my best to spend some time with before he grows up and moves out.

Photo: Fred Jonny Hammeroe

What are you dreaming about?

World peace. The idea has never left me.

What’s your daily routine?

I wish I had one. Unfortunately I’m totally random.

What is the source of your inspiration?

Any water spring you can find.

What is the greatest satisfaction for you as an artist and your biggest challenge?

The hardest and most rewarding thing is to make everyone in the room want to dive into a group hug with each other during my gigs. It’s priceless when that happens.

What is the most important thing people should know about you?

That I’m trying. Hard.


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