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Artist of the Week – Jessica Flavin

January 25, 2010 by · 6 comments

Maria Aladzhova’s interview with the photographer Jessica Flavin


You are such a young artist. Have you always been interested in photography or did it come on the spur of the moment?

I became interested in photography when I was about twelve or thirteen. From a young age I’d been bought up in a creative environment, the American half of my family is very musical, with classical music a big influence on my families lifestyle. My mother is an artist, and she always encouraged me to explore my creative side when I was younger, so I guess that pushed me in this direction. Tim Walker was my first big photography influence back then.


You do a lot of fashion photography. Have you taken part in fashion campaigns?

I haven’t yet taken part in any big fashion campaigns or shows etc. At the moment I’m trying to get myself out there as much as possible so I’m getting a lot of shoots done and ideas down, which is really exciting! So hopefully that will lead to bigger exciting things for me.


What inspires you?

Everything inspires me, a beautiful person, perhaps a moment in time which is spontaneous or irregular. Light inspires me a lot, different tones, or simply the smell of a certain room and the ambiance that is created. My boyfriend Shane, he is an aspiring music producer recorder and performer. He always taught me to never waste talent. That was my biggest inspiration and push to get shooting models and doing what I love. So yes, life inspires me. You have to take it as it comes and it is what you make of it.


Which one do you like more – color photography or photography that is in black and white?

I suppose I do more colour photography, but Black and White is just so classic and elegant. I suppose both are as important as each other – it really depends on that certain look or moment you are hoping to achieve.



How do you choose the models you work with? What are you looking for in a model?

The models I work with are all considered with the look I am going for – you have to consider everything when styling a photograph. I would say how the model interacts with the photographer is probably the most important aspect of fashion photography, so I really try to bring that forward and always have a good relationship between them, myself and the camera.


What is the best thing about photography?

The best thing about photography is the freedom to express yourself. Or the beauty one can create. Or the people you meet, and the beautiful situations and scenarios you may create… There are a lot of wonderful things about photography, I can’t just choose one!


Do you find commonality between photography and self-expression?

Photography and self expression can go hand in hand, but also they do not in some circumstances. I think it’s all up to the photographer and what they are aiming to do.


How do you imagine the perfect photograph?

I imagine lighting and shapes and colour – how they all go together is something you have to work on when it’s there. I prefer being spontaneous and doing as it comes. I always have a ‘perfect shot’ in mind but I will work around that and try to better it in every way.


You often appear in your works, not only behind, but also in front of the camera. Do you do some modeling as well?

I have done some modelling as well as being a photographer. I think it’s a great advantage to be able to know and respect how to act behind a camera as well as in front of – that way you can understand and interact with models in a more cohesive way which will benefit everyone. I enjoy modelling and I would definitely do more if I had the time!


Have you done a photography exhibition?

I am yet to do a photography exhibition, but as we speak, my lovely boyfriend has been talking to some local areas where I can actually set one up. I am so thrilled and it was so sweet of him!


What are you working on at the moment?

I’m working on work at the moment… Ha ha! I have a lot going on with A levels and such but have absolutely tonnes of photo shoot planned already for 2010, getting into a lot more high fashion looks and avant-garde style shoots – it’s a very exciting time for me.


Your biggest wish is…

My biggest wish…. to live happily and healthily with Shane.
To be featured in Vogue.
And to own a Canon 5D mark II.


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