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Artist of the Week — Karlos Garciapons

May 25, 2009 by · No comments

Mariana Velichkova’s interview with the photographer Karlos Garciapons

What was your original attraction to photography?

The possibility of capturing in person fragments of life. Me being able to translate almost instantly an idea, a concept or a feeling that is synthesized in an image.

Why do you like to take pictures of insects and other small objects?

Nature does not understand size in our scale, and ultimately our view, certain details go unnoticed. There are parallel worlds that begin where our gaze is lost, that our eyes can not reach. I like to explore this world full of richness and detail. Sometimes you can find amazing things.

Where does your interest in macro photography come from?

Because I am always fascinated with the morphology of insects and their great resistance to the harsh environment. It is amazing to discover the macro picture and unknown aspects from the observation that a macro lens makes possible.

Likewise, the plant world hides a treasure full of beauty… each extension is surprising vibrant color. With all this, my attraction to the world of macro photography is almost impossible to stop…

What are your most essential realizations about photography?

As an amateur photographer, I can not speak of great accomplishments, but rather minor ones. I have often asked for a photo assignment, I have to remind myself that my current job is in the world of engineering. If in the future my work leaves me enough time, I will be able to mount a project or exhibition…. it is only a matter of time.

Has photography helped your personal growth?

Of course. Photography has given me enough patience to wait and to know when the best time is. Patience is very useful in everyday life. Other aspects are the creative ability and sensitivity. Certain factors in art generally function as catalysts.

As for the criticism, it is important to listen and understand other viewpoints. With photography you learn to share ideas and views based on your own work, thus enhancing self-criticism.

What do you think about the quote of the French photographer Henri Cartier-Bresson “In photography, the smallest thing can be a great subject. The little, human detail can become a Leitmotiv.”?

I totally agree. Sometimes amateur photographers tend to cover too much detail in our catches, too many elements make it difficult to arrive at the photo reading comprehension. Learn to isolate the main component of an image and provide it with enough personality that is what gives me the key to reach the viewer.

The simplest cases can result in greater impact. The ease of isolating a fraction of a second of life as an image, to me that is certainly what makes the difference between a good photograph by a photographer, and a small masterpiece. Not all photographers are fortunate enough to get this gift.

What are the most important qualities for a person to become a good photographer?

As I said the sensitivity and patience are important factors. Of course we could not forget an essential quality is the power of observation and to learn how to abstract the set of images, that is most essential. The rest of the qualities most associated with photographic techniques are acquired with time and experience.


Karlos Garciapons, was born in Tarragona, a small, coastal town in Eastern Spain, near the Mediterranean Sea. He is working as an industrial engineer and project manager. His photographic hobby was born when his father gave him, at the age of ten, his first Kodak Instamatic camera.

From then until now, he shares his love of photography with work and his family life which in parallel has been his way to express his creative side. Digital photography brings him freedom to experiment with light without fear of mistakes. His work is based on finding the best light, both natural or recreation using reflectors and flash.

The light is essential to provide the style and photographic projects. The light creates thousands of nuances and its mastery is the essence of photography. His specialty is macro photography, which really is his passion besides photography of nature. Another photographic discipline that he loves is the urban landscape and its people. The essence of a country and its customs is what captures his eyes.

He does not consider himself a professional photographer, because he does not make his living in photography, but his eye is infected by a passion for photography. He hopes that in the not too distant future he could devote more time to this world and can be transformed into a new way of life and create a body of work that people will appreciate. In the meantime he will be an eternal apprentice…

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