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Artist of the Week — Katarzyna Makolus

December 10, 2012 by · 1 comment

Maja Jankowska Talks with Fashion Photographer Katarzyna Makolus

Katarzyna Makolus

Hi Katarzyna, would you like to tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

Hello. Of course, I would. I am an 18-year old fashion photographer. I live in Poland, where I create and study. I took up photography seriously about a year ago. I try to develop my skills during each session.

Why did you choose to concentrate on fashion photography?

I think that this kind of photography is the best for me. I really like showing women’s beauty. Despite the fact that the world can offer us a lot of delightful moments to catch, I prefer working with models. It will never be boring to me.

Although I’ve tried other kinds of photography, such as nature, architecture etc., I think that working with people is more challenging. I love working with people and showing their emotions and feelings thought art. Fashion photography is the best way to reach it.

Katarzyna Makolus

Are you interested in fashion or only photography?

Frankly speaking, I’m not following fashion news everyday. I match both clothes and accessories intuitively. Not only can I visualize my ideas, but I also take others’ advice into consideration. All these conceptions, interacting together, can be the base of a new successful photo session.

Do you have any favourite photographers, and who are they?

No, I don’t. Even if I had, I woudn’t tell you – they are my competitors. <laughing, haha :D>. Oh, I’m just kidding. I saw many great photos. I really appreciate their authors, but, honestly, I don’t remember their names. I don’t know why – I don’t focus on it. When I see a good, eye-catching portfolio, I just admire it.

What are your future plans in terms of photography?

I’ve always dreamt of working for a famous fashion magazine, such as Vogue. However, do I see myself there? Maybe some day – who knows? Now, I’m trying to start working in cities bigger than Lublin, where I live.

I would like to find a job in a well-known model agency, work with famous photographs, learn new skills and make great photoshoots. No matter how hard it seems, I always do my best and I will never give up.

Katarzyna Makolus

What is the difference of working with a professional and a non-professional model?

The difference is noticeable with the naked eye. I used to work with my friends from school and only few of them knew how to sit. Even if they knew how to do it, they were not as advanced as professional models. People who pose professionally are very flexible. They look good on photos, show their emotions better, they know what to do.

Photoshoots are their stuff of life, so it is not necessary for them to ask me about everything. Professionals fit in each situation. It facilitates my work.

As you said, you’d like to work in a models agency beside great photographers. Obviously no one is born a model, would you take a risk of working with models who have the physical abilities to be good models, but they do not have any experience?

Yes, of course. I used to work with starting models and I think that even the worst model in the world can become great and fabulous with a lot of practice. Models, as the photographers themselves, evolve with every session. It is a big pleasure to discover somebody’s talent.

Katarzyna Makolus

Would you want to expand your photography to different styles, or do you want to stick with fashion forever?

I’ll never give fashion photography up. However, I would never decide to take up photographing architecture or nature. Working with people is a great pleasure for me. Maybe I will take up photojournalism? I mean taking photos during events such as concerts etc. It’s challenging.

I would like to show people on my photos. Their daily activities, simple situations and important moments. My dream is to work with people not only from Europe, but also from other parts of world – for instance from Asia or Africa. I’m interested in different cultures. I’d like to work as a fashion photographer as long as I could.

Everyone has wishes and dreams, what is your biggest dream about photography? Is it something you are working on just now?

As I said, my dream is to work for a famous fashion magazine. However, it’s a long-range plan. Now I dream of working with well-known models. Although I’ve learn a lot, I would like to develop my skills.

I’m still working at improving my competencies. The technique is significant. It’s the base for a good photo. It is really important to me, so I learn hard how to be better at it.

I would like also learn the specters of technique from the author of the best photo in the world. In my opinion, everything is possible to achieve. My dreams are within reach, but if I want to realise my plans, I have to develop myself and work very hard.

It is also important to believe in yourself, if you want to achieve a goal. Motivation and hard work may lead to success.

Katarzyna Makolus

Check out Katarzyna’s Website

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