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Artist of the Week — Laelanie Larach

June 18, 2012 by · 1 comment

An Interview with Artist Laelanie Larach by Jasmina Tacheva

Laelanie Larach

Hi! Could you tell us a little about yourself?

I’m a self-taught artist born in Honduras – a beautiful country that gave me a lot of inspiration. At an early age, I started painting using all types of media, for example pastels, watercolors and charcoal. I remember winning small art contests in my school, that meant a lot to me. My first masterpiece in oil painting is called “Mysterious Forrest”. As the years passed by, I focused on changing my technique.

Laelanie Larach - Cold Swirls
Cold Swirls

One day, sitting in my room, something flashed into my mind – I thought, why not combine two of my passions, photography with abstract painting and the surreal style. The first piece using this technique was called “Vertigo over the Shadow”. All of my pieces are completely different including the concepts. Inspiration comes from a lot of aspects that surround my inner thoughts and emotions, like an open space near the ocean that transports me to a surreal dream with no end.

Laelanie Larach

You are from Honduras but you live in Florida. How have these two places shaped your style and artistic vision?

Honduras is a country with an endless natural scenery, that helped me broaden my perspective on the picture because I could capture unforgettable moments of my country in my course; also, I wanted to supplement my photographs with my ability to paint. Miami is a cosmopolitan city that helps me expand my appreciation for art, I was able to go to galleries of other artists, I could see different techniques, it helped me improve as an artist.

Is “Inspiration without Limits” your motto?

It has always been my motto – in life, nothing has limits, neither has our imagination.

Laelanie Larach - Edge

In your art, you combine painting and photography. Can you explain to us how exactly you do this, what specific techniques you use, etc?

I wanted to invent something different, unique, in my work – merging my two passions all over the canvas, giving a different story in every frame in which the perception of unreality merges with the imagination, creating a balance between everything that surrounds me.

What do you mean by the concept “half paintings/ half photographs”?

There are no boundaries to art, so I decided to expand my imagination beyond my limits, break the conventional, be more radical and fuse each of my work half painting / photography.

Laelanie Larach - Naturaleza Irreal
Naturaleza Irreal

Which came fist into your life – painting or photography? Do you prefer any of the two over the other or is there a balance in your passion for both?

Painting came first into my life at an early age, I tend to have a balance between my two passions. Sometimes, on a painting, I don’t blend photography, just the pure oil painting on canvas. Everything depends on the concept and the idea I have in mind.

You’ve had a tremendous number of exhibitions. What cities have you visited with your art so far?

My major exhibitions took place in Honduras, they received much acceptance – that helped me believe in my art. For now, in Miami, I want to see new trends in painting. I’ll have an exhibition soon, when I open my own gallery in Miami. Although, no doubt, I’ll try also to be recognized in other parts of the world, it has always been one of my goals in life and I’ll definitely do it.

Laelanie Larach - Echo of the Dreamer
Echo of the Dreamer

What does the contact with the audience mean to you?

Public acceptance is what motivates me to believe in my art and grow as a painter. It certainly is something fundamental that makes me improve my techniques. I personally always accept criticism in a positive way. I want to thank my fans for the unconditional support I receive from them.

How do you choose the names for your paintings?

I follow my heart, behind every picture there is a concept and a story that always helps me to name a piece. Another passion that I have is poetry – based on it, I tend to give a unique name to every painting.

Laelanie Larach - Shine in the Mist
Shine in the Mist

You say on your website that everything can inspire you, even the sea breeze or “profound silence”. Do you think of yourself as an optimist? In other words, what emotions would you like your paintings to evoke in the audience?

I’m not focused on a single topic, I’m a multifaceted. I think that in every painting, there is a hidden emotion that I want the audience to interpret. Thus, my fans feel identified with my art.

Why is art so important in your life?

It has a huge impact on my life cause it’s a powerful form of expression and it allows me to convey or demonstrate deeply-held feelings; it opens my creativity and takes me to a different level of consciousness where I can show all my thoughts in one piece.

Laelanie Larach - Underwater Illusion
Underwater Illusion

Your paintings are highly spiritual. What role does spirituality play in your personal and professional life?

More than spiritual, I’m a person who feels blessed and grateful for everything around me, my family, my friends, my art, and followers who appreciate my art. Grateful because I can do what I love the most, Art.

What are you working on at the moment and what do you plan for the future?

At this time, I work entirely on my paintings because I have more experience in that realm. Also, I’m about to create a line of handbags that will be painted using my style, similar to my paintings.

Laelanie Larach - Moonlight

Where can your paintings be seen in the near future?

Across America and around the world.

Thank you!



Laelanie Larach - Reality Distortion
Reality Distortion

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