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Artist of the Week – Lara Alegre: “What I like to shoot the most is loneliness, tenderness, and love (or lack of love).”

July 26, 2009 by · 6 comments

An interview with Lara Alegre by Ani Vasileva

Lara Alegre

Lara Alegre

Her name is Lara, she is from Barcelona, and she is in love with photography. It was not a love at first sight… She started taking photos seriously about three years ago, and since then she haven’t stopped. She see poetry in photography. What she love the most about photography is trying to capture a feeling, and see that the observer is feeling this by only watching a photo… It’s very moving.
There’s a language in photography and with her photos she is trying to communicate with the observer. She want to share what she see, and how she see it. Her favourite subject when she is taking photos are people. Not just portraits, but gestures. She is fascinated by human behaviour and by the big world of feelings everyone has got inside. She try to show this in her pictures. Also moments special for her, the photo of an empty road for her means more than this empty road, and it’s quite funny, because all of these photos that are special to her because of the personal stories related to them, seem to have success with the observers. It’s like they knew what was happening behind the camera!


You said that your passion about photography is not primary, so what is the greatest challenge for you in your developing as a photographer?

I’ve always had the need of expressing myself in one way or another. I got involved with photography only a few years ago, but before that I used to write (and I still do it). One day I don’t know why, I started to be more interested in photography than before, and the interest has only increased. Now I couldn’t live without a camera.


How does the world look like through your lens?

It looks real. I don’t like pretending in my photos (or in my life), and even if I shot models that I don’t know and we go to a forest or wherever, even there’s an “idea” beside the photos, I absolutely don’t like the photos to look “fake”. I try to catch something real about all the ambient that surround what’s happening, something human, I think.


What is necessary to get an amazing shot?

It’s a very difficult question. But I think what a photographer needs to get an amazing shot is a good camera for him. I mean a camera which you feel close to. Me, for example, I need a camera with a focal lens, and my photos wouldn’t be “my photos” without my 50mm. I see life through a 50mm, and I have to show it this way.


And your dream picture is…?

I’ve got loads of dream pictures. I “see” them while reading books or listening to music, I’ve seen a lot of dream pictures of others photographers! I’m in love with many, many pictures or ideas of photos or films or… I can’t describe a dream picture at all!


What is the most important trait in a model?

To be confident. And be spontaneous in front of the camera. For me the beauty of a model is not the most important. There are lots of beautiful people that are awful models, and people that haven’t got this “classic beauty” that can captivate you by looking them in a photo.


Which are the three most beautiful human emotions?

Every emotion is beautiful in some way… What I like to shoot the most is loneliness, tenderness, and love (or lack of love).


Is there any emotion you cannot take in a picture?

I want to believe that anything can be taken in a photo, it only depends on the person you are taking the picture and If he wants to show his feelings to the camera. Many people look shy in front of a camera because they have fear of seeing something true about them in print.


Please name some of the best and unforgettable moment(s) you have had as a photographer so far.

What makes me happier about photographing is how my photos can this arrive to the observer. Many people write me to tell me what they feel after seeing my photos and this is the best present I can have! I’ve known a lot of interesting people through photography, people from the street or people who want to model for me. Every one of these meetings with strangers that I’ve experienced thanks to photography is what I like the most about it.


If you have to replace taking pictures with something else to express yourself what would it be?

Making videos… I love everything related with image. I haven’t made any video yet, but I’m sure I would like it! And also writing, I love reading and writing, but I think I’m better at making photos.


Your pictures really have this emotional intensity that can show to the observer your feelings! Is this the key for a successful work, can you share with our friends your secret?

May be yes! I don’t know… I think photographing with your heart (without forgetting a technique) can only bring successful works. At least for you, that is the most important.


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