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Artist of the Week – Marcos Rivero

August 2, 2009 by · 10 comments

An interview with Marcos Rivero by Ani Vasileva

Marcos Rivero

Marcos Rivero

He was born in 1972 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain). Though his job is not related to photography, he finds time every day to sit with his pictures as a way of escaping of daily problems and relaxing.

First he became interested in photography after taking a correspondence course. After that he started taking pictures with an analog camera as a hobby. Then he took a course with the association of photographers in his city, and several workshops related to the use of light, portraits,….but he have mainly learned everything he knows by reading books,learning on the internet and spending lots of time trying to learn how to use photoshop, photomatix, and so on. He normally take his pictures with a digital reflex camera (canon 5D), which has become his best friend.

He have taken part in several photographic contests in his city, and he won the honorific prize in the tenth anniversary contest organized by Mapfre Guanarteme with my picture “Art in Stone.”
He have a gallery in Flickr where he shows his pictures and he frequently take part in Internet forums.


Hello Marco, thank you for doing this. The first question that came across my mind is about your job. What does a photographer do while not making pictures?

I own a dental clinic, but even though my job is not related to photography, i have it in my mind most of the time. I keep thinking about new scenarios, techniques and ideas all the time.


You like to show colors in your pictures. Why is that so important for a good shot?

Life is full of light and color, so why not show them? Color is light…let’s highlight them all!


You also use the power of contrast in your photography. Is the life around us so contrasted?

Life is pure contrast, shadow – light, night- day. A picture needs to be contrasted……plain pictures are not real to me…….they lack power and strength….I love to show full details in my pictures and contrast is the best way to do so.


Which is your favourite theme for pictures? I see that you have some preferences for the water, why is this?

I love to show landscapes in my pictures, but if they do include the sea, then that’s better. I understand this might be becuase I live on an island and we are surrounded by the sea, so it plays a very important role in our lives.


Your dream picture is …

I would love to freeze the rain drops in a storm, when they are falling heavily, but in a vertical way, I mean, being on the floor and showing their shape and volume while they make me wet.


Where are the three most beautiful places you have ever taken pictures?

I loved Turkey. I visited it on holiday and became fascinated with the landscape in Capadocia. I took part in a balloon trip, and had the chance to take wonderful pictures. If I had to mention another unique place, I would say Costa Rica. I fell in love with Cahuita and its nature park, and also with Tortuguero. Everything is so full of life and there are special places and moments to inmortilize….! Finally, my city, Las Palmas, and its beach Las Canteras. Any place of the beach offers a single angle to be captured.


And what is the most unusual place that you looked to find the perfect place for a picture?

I took part in a contest in my city and decided to show the sea and its braveness off the northern part of the island. There was a heavy sea and high waves and I went all alone across the rocks in order to capture the perfect wave bursting against the rocks, in a place where only experienced fishermen go. I slipped and almost fell into the water…!!!


What is the role of intuition in your work?

Intuition is very important for a photographer and his work. I love to imagine what my spectators would feel while watching my pictures, and this helps me to find the best angle.



How did you feel when you saw your first published picture?

Wowww, my legs were trembling….I could not believe it……I felt a special pressure in my heart, and of course – at the end – pride!


What keeps you being a person who needs to create? Give us advice how to be successful in the things we are doing in our everyday life.

I do not create, I only capture time and special moments so that others and myself can enjoy them. My best advice would be try to reach the top coming from a place of humility.


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