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Artist of the Week – Melissa Michaels

February 9, 2009 by · No comments

Vanya Nikolaeva

Melissa Michaels is the creator and designer of InPeLoTo fashion brand, which has the idea of infinite love behind it. She is an optimistic talented person with colorful interests. She sees the world like an open scene for possibilities and positive changes. Melissa graduated from the State University of San Diego. Besides fashion, she has unfolded her talent in writing, dancing and acting. She is the author of the poetry book “A look within.” Melissa belongs to the community of International Society of Poets.

* I believe and live this statement: “An ideal artist who has decided to devote himself to a single, large purpose in life; to elevate and entertain the public by a high form of art; to expound the hidden, spiritual beauties in the writings of poetic geniuses… His whole life will be consecrated to this high cultural mission.”

* My family is everything to me.

* My art is my passion.

* I am a vegetarian.

* I believe one person can make a difference.

* I walk the walk.

* Thankful to see history in the making.

* I am learning how to surf.

* I created a word: Inpeloto.

* My company is one to watch.

* Tell us a bit more about InPeloto – how and when was the idea born?

Inpeloto was born out of poetry, social consciousness and activism. It all begins with poetry and the love for humanity. Inpeloto is an empire in the making. “Art House films intrigue me and now I’m producing them. More to come.

Imagine, if we all participated daily in INfinite, PEace, LOve, TOgetherness this world be transformational, healing, perhaps there will be no wars. Use words to have dialogues and not bombs to send a message is the optimal way to exist in this world. With every ounce of my being, I believe that.

Wearing clothes that invest in humanity that can help create global dialogues is the essence of Inpeloto.

The concept was created in 2006, but Inpeloto really came alive in 2008. Earth Day at my alumni, San Diego State University is when the excitement began for Inpeloto. Sales have steadily increased since then.

I told my teacher Gary Imhoff at the Beverly Hills Playhouse that I wanted to leave my handprint on the world with my artistry. Also, on my tombstone, I want it to say, “Melissa used all the talents God gave her: All used up.”

* What is your biggest dream as a designer?

Changing the planet, helping to make our Earth a healthy place for years to come, ending the war, all children causes. Using my Unity Brand: Inpeloto as a voice of conscience.

I want to affect and influence popular culture and consumer’s thinking when buying as well as clothe orphans via reputable foundations such as Phoenix Global Humanitarian Foundation, Inc. It is really important that my company actively participates in humanity. 10% of the sales proceeds go to benefits: BookPALs (Performing Artists for Literacy in Schools) and Conservation International. Doing what matters and making a difference is the essence of Inpeloto. Inpeloto is an eco-friendly line that uses 100% organic cotton, bamboo and recycled materials. Inpeloto BodyWear uses fair trade principles.

* In your opinion, who is the most creative designer, and why?

There are so many fabulous designers. Ready-to-Wear is a tie between Isaac Mizrahi and Betsey Johnson. Couture is Valentino.

* What is “the look” you prefer for a man and a woman?

“The Look” should be contemporary, sophisticated and fun. “The Look” should reflect individuality, should be eco-friendly and be age-appropriate.

* Why does fashion exist?

Fashion exists because it is necessary. It makes a statement. It sets a tone. It provides an opportunity to allow men and women to express their individuality daily. Look at one of the topics with the President Obama’s Inauguration: “What designer is First Lady Michelle Obama wearing?” We care. We want to know. It sets the trend. It creates jobs!!! It affects retail and influences designers as a whole.

* Where do you find inspiration?

I love, love, love this question. You get to see what’s in me. Humanity inspires me. People need and want love and hope. Inpeloto is that. Poetry and music inspire me. I have to have poetry. My other half writes poems to me each day. Every day is poetic and it is how you choose to frame it.

* Is style or fashion more important and why?

Style is more important. It is all fashion. Never lose your individual style. That makes you…you.

* Your contemporary muse or inspiration?

My other half wows me how selfless he is, how he gives, how he is so incredibly committed. He truly touches my soul. The way he shows up in the world…there are no words. His existence affects so many. Like I have said, if I were a boy I would want to be like that man.

* Is there more “past” or “future” in fashion?

It’s both. The past styles of fashion influence the future. The future of fashion is limitless.

Inpeloto’s mission: To be world relevant through social transformation by implementing infinite peace, love and togetherness for daily existence of conscious action. Love is a verb.

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