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Artist of the Week — Nestor Mocarski

February 1, 2010 by · 11 comments

Mariana Velichkova’s interview with photographer Nestor Mocarski


How did you “discover” photography for yourself?

When I came here to Scotland I was overwhelmed by the landscapes and so many historical places. I have the ability to memorize more places and faces than names, therefore I thought taking photos would help me to remember everything that I have seen. A while after that I started taking photos just for it’s own sake as a pastime.




What do you like about macro photography?

Macro photography is like discovering more inside a big flower, small bits that are making harmony and creating beauty being fully needed parts for the flower and the reproduction center to survive.



What have you learned from the process of taking photos?

Since I bought my first tripod I tend to spend more time
preparing to take photos in general looking for better shots from a
framing perspective, and be more patient for things such as light to come. I can visit the same place a few times and every time get different light, therefore my photos are going to be different as well.



What is the most valuable thing/s/ that photography brought
to your life?

Overwhelming beauty of such simple things. Photography opened my eyes for common things becoming precious when I look at them carefully enough.



If you have to replace your camera with something else what
would it be?

If I would be in position to buy full frame I would do it, but I am not going to change my camera for another form of passion.



Do you have other hobbies beside photography?

I like to travel like most people, I like physics such as quantum mechanics and computer related issues such as GNU/Linux, I used to break my windows system just to try fix it another way than the book instructs.



What are your favorite arts…?

Dance, I like very much the art of motion, the wow effect, I like theatre when it is a good play and music is a great background for this form, but it can live on it’s own merits and be great as well.



What would you like to read about?

Science just in general, into more details: biology, chemistry such as polymers, physics astrophysics and many more science papers, I just like to know things.



What is your dream photo project?

I would love to do like it was done before, but the photographic way, take a trip around world not in eighty days but probably longer, to show places, to stay with people, a way of travelling flora and fauna, overall in such a big but small world we live in these days.



Thank you very much for your participation!



Nestor Mocarski was born in Szczecin, Poland in 1975 and up to age of 18 he was living in nearby Pyrzyce. After high school he moved to Szczecin, where he graduated from an Agriculture Academy in 2005, which is no longer in existence. Afterwards he tried his hand at PhD and bought his first Kodak digital camera at that time just reaching 3.2MPx.

He decided to move out of Poland in 2005 and he came to Edinburgh where he lives now, taking a lot of photos with his first DSLR made by Canon.
His work is not related to photography at all, it is his hobby and pleasure to be able to go and share what he sees with other people.

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