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Artist of the Week — Robby Cavanaugh

September 26, 2011 by · No comments

Interview by Petya Hristova with Robby Cavanaugh


Robby Cavanaugh: “A lot of my art addresses the idea of overcoming something negative.”

Dear Robby, I am very impressed by your photography! The production process seems elaborate and complicated. Do you have someone to help you with the styling of the models?

Thank you! 🙂 Most of the time I have such an exact image in my head when it comes to a photo, that I directly work with the styling of my models.


Where is the power of your photos hidden? Do they help you to get acquainted with yourself?

It comes from everywhere! It really does help me develop as an artist. Developing a style is difficult and takes a lot of time..but it really helps with discovering who you are.


You said, you were focused on the capturing of the unknown… Is it surreal and full of strange creatures?

I like my photos to have a surreal aspect to them yes 🙂 but not so much that it transcends into a fantasy realm. I still want it to be realistic.


What impresses you most in your daily routine and make the connection to your imaginative world possible?

It’s funny, that’s actually one of the main reasons I do photography because I feel like my daily routine is boring, so that inspires me to photograph at times. However, I enjoy interactions with different types of people and what inspires others.


Your models have to play complex roles. How do you motivate them and make them feel at ease?

Trust. My models first have to see my work, and know what I’m capable of before I ask them to model for me. That way, they know what to expect during the shoot and its outcome.


What is your biggest challenge, once you have the shot in your mind?

My biggest challenge is first arriving on the scene where I want to photograph. The image in my head is so vivid, sometimes I think to myself “Can I really do this?” It’s kind of a mini panic, haha. But it usually always turns out in the end!


How did you express your emotions before taking photography seriously? Which are the other art forms you are interested in?

I love all kinds of art. I first started with traditional art, painting, drawing, etc. Then I began to love graphic design, which is where I first learned photoshop! Then photography fell into place.


You have participated in many photo contests and you have been recognized by your peers. What does it really mean to you? What do you dream about in your professional sphere?

You can have all the success in the world, but it doesn’t mean anything if you have no one to share it with. So it means a great deal to me that my peers like my work too. Professionally, I’d love to be represented in a gallery, sell prints and have shows. I just want to share my work with the world.


Do you communicate or work together with other photographers/artists?

I do communicate with a lot of different artists! From designers, illustrators as well as photographers. It’s great to surround yourself with other people who share a similar passion and strive to be successful in the field of art.


What is the message of your art? Could you describe it in one word?

My art’s message is to visually show representations of ideas, stories, myself and others. Describe it in one word? Oh my, maybe conflict. A lot of my art addresses the idea of overcoming something negative. However, that’s not always the case. My art is really something I wear on my sleeve and can change on a whim!







Hello! My name is Robby Cavanaugh and I’m a self taught photographer based in the Inland Empire.

For years I have been struggling to find ways to creatively express myself. Only until recently have I started to take photography very serious. I was never that person that held a camera at the age of two and fell in love with photography; in fact, I never saw photography as an art form. I started my journey with photography when I realized you could take a picture that looked real, but was something no one had ever seen before. I’m obsessed with the idea of capturing emotion and making people feel.

My work focuses on telling stories and capturing the unknown. I get inspiration from creatively telling stories through imagery. Sometimes the stories are about me and sometimes about the dreams I want to be real. I find that inspiration is strongest when it is something you are passionate about.

I have a lot of dreams and goals…and I won’t stop until I complete every one of them. The ability of some photographers just blows my mind…but it is those people that I admire that pushes me forward. I want to provide inspiration to other photographers and eventually be known amongst the photography world; I want to prove that if you follow your dreams anyone can make it to where they want to be.

You can view my work at; it’s where I also photograph weddings and portraiture! Also, find me on facebook!

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