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Artist of the Week — Borgore

September 20, 2011 by · No comments

Interview of Yana Radilova and Violeta Petkova with Borgore

Yana and Borgore

Vili s Borgore
Violeta and Borgore

Who is Borgore? If you search in the web, you will see that he is an Israeli dubstep dj and producer, the founder of Buygore Records and former drummer of Israeli death metal band Shabira. He also initiates the style Gorestep and has a lot of remixes and releases. But if you talk to him, you won’t get the impression that he is haughty, although his fans are numerous all over the world. Actually, you may almost forget that you are communicating with a famous star because of his natural behaviour. Read this interview to arrive at this conclusion!

Photo: Emil Kazakov

Borgore: “Тhe vibe you get from one thousand young people dancing and screaming is a vibe you cannot get from anything else.”

Hello! Nice to meet you on such a happy occasion! You have already been in Bulgaria. What is your impression?

The last time I was in Bulgaria I didn’t have much time. But tonight I have a lot more time to spend around here. I have already been asked this question and I said that I really like Eastern Europe and I am falling more and more in love with it. There is something charming about this part of the world – it’s warm and friendly…I like it. And Bulgaria has the most beautiful girls in the world!

You have been on stage all over the world. Is there any place or experience which always makes you feel special emotions?

Oh, you don’t want to hear about it! (laughing) If I have to be serious, it’s not only one place…I like playing, it doesn’t matter where. I’m having fun with my job.

Photo: Emil Kazakov

How did you get the idea of your exclusive track “Love”? Is that love nowadays – like the lyrics of the song says?

Well, it’s just a real life story…

You define your style as Gorestep – “a mixture of commercial American hip-hop and dead metal, played by the means of different farm animals.” How do you gain so powerful energy for huge parties and dirty bass lines? This is amazing!

I just love music and I have been playing jazz for a long time. The problem is that every time you make something magnificent, you see two hundred old people clapping their hands and I need something more… The vibe you get from one thousand young people dancing and screaming is a vibe you cannot get from anything else.

Do you think that young people in Bulgaria like this kind of music?

We will see tonight and you should ask me later. Last time was great; people loved it, but let’s see what’s going to happen tonight!

What should we expect from you – any new releases, projects, remixes?

Oh, I don’t know…the future is the future, you cannot expect anything! I’m working on new music but I just don’t want to promise anything. The future is not sure.

Make a wish to all your fans in Bulgaria!
I wish that all my Bulgarian fans would respect their families and…go to school and become smart… (laughing) You, all my Bulgarian fans, have a good time because we only live once.

Thank you for this interview! We wish you even greater success and everlasting enthusiasm!

Photo: Emil Kazakov

Photo: Emil Kazakov

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