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Artist of the Week — Senka Mušić

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An interview with Senka Mušić by Anelia Stoyanova

Senka Mušić

How would you introduce yourself in a few words?

I am passionate about anything that is art, but, at the moment, my main focus is photography. My mood and curiosity often switch my main focus to drawing or writing. Variety helps me to continue my work.

Senka Mušić

You are just 21 years old and there is already a huge variety of photographs on your website. What do you most like to take photographs of and why?

I guess I can say that I’m obsessed with taking photographs, especially of people. Portraits tend to challenge me the most. I am driven by the fear of being forgotten and I tend to capture everything – and everyone, so that they wouldn’t be forgotten.

Senka Mušić

What type of photography do you prefer?

As I previously said, I prefer portrait photography. Usually, I try to embed my visions into simple portraits. Sometimes, they end up as conceptual, sometimes they end up as intimate and personal. Planning is not what I usually do, so the photos lead themselves and I develop the final idea while taking the photo itself.

Senka Mušić

Do polychrome or monochrome portraits show personal identity better? What do you think?

Monochrome portraits are raw and show the relationship between light and shadow better. In my personal opinion, color distracts from the important and essential characteristics of the subject. If a photo doesn’t work in black and white, I usually don’t find it satisfying.

Senka Mušić

What does photography give to you and take from you?

Photography is a constant battle and sometimes it’s hard to find a truce between the eye, the camera and ideas. Combining reality and own visions can be tricky when your medium is a machine or mechanism – the camera. It does give a certain feeling of immortality and every moment seems like captured forever. And then again, reality hits you and you realize that everything is past you. Photography helps me to hold on to precious moments.

Senka Mušić

What artists have influenced your creative work?

I can’t say that any artist influenced me directly, but I could say that my favourites are Rodney Smith, Philippe Halsman, Ellen von Unwerth and Davis Ayer.

Senka Mušić

Where do you find the source of your inspiration?

Artists that I come across daily inspire me the most. Young and passionate people are a great motivation. Inspiration is everywhere, I guess, it depends on how capable you are to recognize it.

Senka Mušić

One of your photo collections “V is for…” is dedicated to Venice. Why does Venice fascinate you?

Venice has to be one of the most fascinating cities ever. I spent my entire time there taking photographs. I was overwhelmed by the beauty and all the secrets this city has to offer. At moments, it was almost unreal how many interesting and fascinating scenes you can capture there. It seems to me that in every moment, Venice has something new for you to discover. The combination of water, Venetian architecture and interesting people and costumes is amazing. It is a very romantic, but also dark city. When the sun goes down, the city becomes a maze of shadows. I would go back to Venice any day.

Senka Mušić

What is the most interesting place you have ever visited and captured?

Although I really like Venice, the most interesting place I have visited is the Cologne Gothic Cathedral. It fascinated me that such a strong and powerful place could be so full of peace inside. The façade is almost horribly scary, but the inside is filled with shimmering peace and silence. Such contrast, such collision of two completely different worlds is both fascinating and frightening.

Senka Mušić

Tell us something about your country. What is the most beautiful thing in Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Bosnia and Herzegovina are one of those countries where you would like to be, but don’t want to live in. It’s a difficult challenge for any artist or designer to find perspective in my country. Bosnia and Herzegovina has some great places and experiences to offer and I try to capture that as much as I can. Untouched nature and different cultural influences are fascinating, both to tourists and locals. But due to the difficult political and economic situation, it is hard to make a living out of art or any artistic work.

Senka Mušić

What kind of dreams and plans do you have?

My plans are always changing as I discover more about the world of art and about myself. What I dream of the most is travelling, a lot of travelling. I always say that whatever happens I always have one main goal – to be better than I was yesterday. To never stop evolving and to never stop exploring.

Senka Mušić

What would you like to tell something the readers of Public Republic?

The only thing I could say is never stop trying. No work and no effort are useless. I had many difficulties in pursuing what I love, but all work will pay off in some way, eventually.

Senka Mušić

Born 5. 11. 1991.
Lives in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Graphic design and photography student at The Academy of Fine Arts in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina.

She has been into photography since her childhood, but her more professional approach started 3 years ago. Currently, her main interest is photography, but she is also interested in drawing, graphic design, painting and art journalism.

She experiments with film photography and digital photography. Photoshop is always part of the process, as she likes to explore the full potenital of her photographs. Vintage russian cameras are her favourites, but digital cameras are easier and faster, so she uses them the most.

She has illustrated and worked on many books. Her photographs have been feautered mainly poetry books.

Her current works include posters, book covers and corporate design work.

Won the title of the best photo of Sarajevo in April 2012, among 4000 other photos.
Her work has been feautered in many art and photography magazines.


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