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Artist of the Week — Tzvetelina Tchendova

March 22, 2010 by · 25 comments

Interview with Tzvetelina Tchendova by Dessislava Berndt

Translation by Asya Draganova

up to the sky

Tzvetelina, how and why did you decide to deal with jazz?

I was 11 years old when my dad, who had been abroad, brought home a record of Gershwin’s “Porgy and Bess”. I think that’s when I fell in love with this kind of music. After that, when I applied for New Bulgarian University, I was accepted in Angel Zabersky’s class. In the years that followed, I met a lot of talented and unique musicians with whom I improvised in some different styles. However, with jazz, I am able to pick elements from all other genres, to mix them, put them in order, to fly and be free.

Who or what influenced your musical development?

A lot of people have influenced my musical development and me, in terms of personality as well. I can’t divide the two because they cling into each other.

My family. Mrs Maria Stoyanova – my opera teacher, my first and favourite one. Angel Zabersky – senior and junior. Alice Bouvaryan – my Armenian teacher and friend. I love her a lot.

Mihail Yosifov – an amazing trumpet player and my friend. Vesselin Vesselinov Eko, who wrote “Our Dance”. Victor Lalov and Yordan Yordanov from “Mesetchina Music” who invited me to sing with the Karandila Orchestra.

How would you define the character and the sound of your music? Which is the audience that you aim at?

A lot of people tell me I’ve got my own style, that my voice is very rich, unique, etc. I can only say that my music is emotional. I go on stage, I hear the first notes, close my eyes and begin to live. And the audience I aim at is the audience that has the eyes to see me.


What are your plans for 2010?

I am working on two new songs with Vesselin Vesselinov Eko. If everything goes alright the first one should be ready by the end of April. I am also preparing a duet called “Our Dance” in German together with a very famous German singer, so that I hope we are successful there as well.


Tell us a bit more about your collaboration with “Cabaret bend.”

My friendship with Mihael Yosifov is where this initiated from. All the musicians he invited are amazing. The chance to be with them enriched me a lot and I am thankful for all they taught me. We created unforgettable performances together and I think we made some good music. That’s how the songs “Why don’t you tell me a story” and “Wind, sand, sun, sea” appeared.


How was the video for “Our Dance” shot and where can it be seen?

The director is my friend Tino Johanson. Some time ago he dealt with television and cinema, now he works on the financial field. We shot the video in the magical house of Lumagy. The camera operator was Georgy Marinov – Gopa who is also a musician. He offered us a very interesting style of shooting. Let’s say we had a magician with us. We shot with an amateur camera, using blends for film cameras. For me it was all new, very interesting and tiring by the end. We made the montage in “Tavan studio”. My wish was to work with young, unprejudiced and enthusiastic people.

The video is quite good, it’s shown on all TV channels and I got to meet a lot of new friends as a bonus.


What do you dream of?

I dream of moving more people through my music. To perform on many different stages all over the world with interesting musicians. To travel new places.

To be free. To have a family and children. I want my closest people to be always by my side and share life with me. I dream of a world where people are more open to those who differ from them.

flowers in the kitchen

What topics and events interest you?

Music, architecture, books, impressionists, and of course, the current events. The events where people manifest humanity. I love looking at small details, that turn an object into a work of art. Beauty and aesthetics have an essential role in my life.

How would you describe yourself in 5 words?

Curious, changing and not static, sunny, sensitive and colourful.

What do you do in your free time?

I go for a walk. Every day. I read and I listen to music. I travel. Meet friends. Cook. Do some shopping. I sometimes just sit down and think. About something. Just like this.

Tzvetelina Tchendova graduated at New Bulgarian University with a Music and performance degree, specialized in jazz singing. Some of her lecturers are Angel Zabersky and Alice Bouvaryan. She has worked with famous musicians like Mihail Yosifov, Angel Zabersky – junior, Akaga band, Vladimir Karparov, Dimitar Shanov, Velislav Stoyanov, Vesselin Vesselinov – Eko, Karandila Orchestra and others.

Photos: Dimitar Kjosemarliev

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