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Artist of the Week – Veronika Harcsa

August 17, 2009 by · 3 comments

Velina Veteva presents Veronika Harcsa

Music makes me as open as I can be. Since I’m on stage I’ve become much more open in my personal life. I’ve learned that only honest things work.

If music did not exist, I would be a computer scientist. I almost finished the Technical University, but thanks to music, I found a profession that’s closer to my soul.

Music can take you to the better side of the world. When I listen to, or play music, I tend to see my life in a more positive way. Even if the songs are sad, it always gives me hope.

Singing means letting go, crying out loud, whispering, shouting, exploding, confessing, and playing.

Music helps me remember the stories that inspired my songs. Each time I step on stage, I recall memories of the period when the song was written. Writing songs is like a personal diary.

It helps me forget anger and bitterness. Singing about the bad things in my life is an effective therapy.

When the day breaks, my first steps lead to the kitchen. Nothing compares to a cozy breakfast in bed.

At sunset I put on my make up, and start getting ready for the peak of the day, our concert. There are so many things to be done. Writing the set list, checking the sound, a short before-show discussion with my musicians is all necessary. It’s still thrilling, and I hope that I’ll always be able to get excited by these moments.

To dream means to believe in things that not everybody believes in. When I took up singing, nobody thought that I had much to do with music. But I had dreams, and step by step, found my way to a life that’s completely mine now. I feel very lucky that I dared to have dreams.

Veronika Harcsa was born in Budapest. During her schooling years she went to several music schools learning to play the piano, the saxophone, and studying classical/jazz singing.

She formed her own jazz quartet in 2005, featuring leading Hungarian jazz musicians (Attlia Blaho – piano, Zoltán Oláh – double bass, Bálint Majtényi – drums). In the very same year she produced and released her first jazz standard album titled “Speak Low” in Hungary.

“Speak Low” was later released in Japan in July 2007 by an independent label based in Tokyo called Nature Bliss, and became No.1 selling album in the vocal jazz charts of Tower Records Japan.

In the year 2006 she began to compose and play her own songs that lead to her second album being recorded in June 2007 titled “You Don’t Know It’s You”, which consists of thirteen original songs.

The album’s first single ‘Too Early” became No.1. in the TOP 30 listening chart on Hungarian National radio, MR2 Petőfi.

In 2007 She won the Budapest Fringe’s Best Voice Award.

In November 2008 she released her third album titled “Red Baggage”, which consists of thirteen original songs.

Besides her jazz quartet she has tried herself in many genres. She is the singer of the well-established Erik Sumo Band. She has appeared as a guest on several Hungarian electro music projects and has performed in contemporary dance pieces, theater pieces and films as a singer, proving her versatility. Her growing career has allowed her to perform at numerous festivals in Hungary, Japan, Germany, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Switzerland, France, Israel, Slovakia, Serbia and Romania.

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