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Music should be great regardless of a style

August 18, 2009 by · 1 comment

Velina Vateva’s interview with Digital Angel

What does “to create” mean to you? Do you think the word tremendously changes its meaning because of the new techniques?

“To create” means to make something out of nothing. I don’t think that words should change their meaning. New techniques are not dangerous for real music or – in general – art.

Why did you name your band “Digital Angel”? What does the word “digital” express to you? Is there some irony in the name?

First – this name sounds well, second and more important is that this name is taken out of something else. Digital Angel is a name of biochip. I’m afraid that in the future these biochips will be inarched against the people’s will – of course for their safety, so I use this name as a warning that the future may be terrible.

What does synth-pop mean?

It’s just the name of one of musical styles. It is a name that is created to put some bands into some category. I think people like to categorize everything:-)

You have listed a lot of bands and songwriters, who have influenced you – from Pink Floyd to Rammstein. Is this eclecticism or you think in art there are so many ways of expression that they always remove any attempts of keeping in the so-called “mainstream”?

Eclecticism is the way to create something new, in my opinion. I’ll never stick to one musical scheme. My mind is open for different music styles and you can hear it listening to our songs. Music should be great regardless of a style.

What do you think about the Polish musicians nowadays? Do you admire some of them?

I like some polish rock bands. But these ones that I admire are not from the mainstream for example band called RIVERSIDE that plays progressive rock. I’m inspired by polish composers like: Wojciech Kilar (he composed music to Dracula by Copola), Zbigniew Preisner and Mikolaj Gorecki. I also love soundtracks of old polish movies.

What about the Polish musicians in the past? Have some of them influenced you and in what way?

I can’t tell you in what way polish musicians influenced me – I have never been a fan of any Polish band.

For the better spreading of your music it is important for you to have songs in English. However, do you have songs in Polish and if not, would you some day record in Polish?

There was a time that I wrote lyrics in Polish but now I write only in English ’cause it’s understandable for people from different countries. In fact, English is an international language.

What do you see as the most important matter so that a band can stay together not only after some trouble periods, but what is more, because of such periods?

The most important matter is – what is the principle in your life? If you know it – you follow it. The band should be like a family – going through better or worse days or even years. Every musician should accept the fact that band is beyond our human weakness, our bad days, our feelings…

How far do your plans and dreams for your work go to?

As far as the eye and mind can reach!

Digital Angel is a side-project of St.Fun – one of two co-founders of the synth-pop band d’Archangel.

After more than a year of hard work in cooperation with Alvar (electronics) and Jacek (guitars), St.Fun (vocals) decided to reveal the existance of the band.

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