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Happy New Year 2010!

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2010 New Year
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Each of us carries inside a small universe. Lets wish ourselves to keep it intact – through it we build the stories of our lives, for which each year opens a new page.

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*Seven Secrets of Mother Theresa*

We think that love is feeling, but it is an action.

We think that we cannot give orders to the heart, but we can teach it to love.

We think that love can be earned, but everyone deserves love.

We think that the opposite of love is hate, but actually, it is fear.

We accept love as a kind of insanity, but actually, it is a kind of an intuitive insight.

We think that the expression “the light of love” is just a metaphor, but love truly lights up everything around it.

We think that love is something intimate, but it is full of openness.

Wishes for 2010 filled with love.

Happy New Year
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