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January 29, 2009 by · 1 comment

Christopher Woods

In both a literal and metaphorical way, our houses are our second skin. They exist to protect us from the elements, and from others who might do us harm. Houses are no different than the nests and shells and even burrowed holes in dark earth for the other creatures in the world.

Houses are where we can indulge our dreams, but they are also where we confront our demons. Some people become sick when away from home too long. Others cannot wait to get away from home, for good. Houses have so many meanings. I suspect each of us thinks about them differently in some way, based on our individual life experiences.

There are those without houses. There are refugees wandering the earth. There are the homeless in our cities. For them, there is no escape from other people and the noise of society.

In this brief series, I have attempted to link our houses with our relationships. Of course there are the good experiences, but to appreciate them fully we must also endure the less than good times. I strived for a balance, just as in life.

Christopher Woods

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