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Simply Being Alive Tells Me That I Should Do Something, I Can’t Waste Time!

May 28, 2009 by · 3 comments

Ani Vasileva’s interview with Mauro Gonzalez

Mauro Gonzalez

What would you compare photography to?

It’s too dificult to compare photography with something, but I think it is possible with food (I love to eat). There are thousands of ingredients; the interesting thing is to make the perfect mix.

Photography is something like this as well; the atmosphere and environments already exist, the models, the styling, makeup artists, trends, post production, cameras, computers, softwares, fashion, etc … The challenge is to mix the ingredients, create the best solution in a creative way to succeed. We need to re-invent and create new, better ideas, as we would in the kitchen.

Perhaps photography must have originality, and suggest new things. We need to experiment, to propose new and shocking things.

Photography, as in the kitchen is a process, we don’t see the results of our main idea and creation until the end of this process.

How did you feel when you saw your first published photo?

Although it was a very simple picture, I was pretty happy and I felt that I had wanted to show more of my pictures to the world. At least 4 different countries were seeing the photo that I had a few days before on the screen of my computer. I was so glad, but I knew that it was just the beginning.
It was a photograph of a computer mouse connected to the magazine “Vivir Bien” indicating that the magazine was now on the web.

Later the same thing happened with a photo of a little chicken as well as some pictures of a catwalk parade of brand sunglasses.

I feel much emotion when I see my photos published in some magazines or blogs in Colombia and other countries.

What is necessary to get an amazing shot?

Sometimes a good picture happens in an unexpected moment or maybe an accidental way.
But in fashion, I believe it’s necessary to take the picture before you press the button. Create a pleasant work environment, develope a good idea with all the energy, and know that what we are doing is fun.

I like to prepare each photo before I take it, watching every detail, so the result is an image that you will think about and conveys emotions.

What is the role of intuition in your work?

I think that intuition is not just in my work, it is also part of the experiences of my daily life and how I get knowledge. Then, that experience helps me to develop creative solutions in an automatic and unconscious way. Based on this, let the imagination fly and think that the physically impossible can be achieved.

What is the most unusual place that you have looked to find the perfect atmosphere for your picture?

I don’t have a favorite place for my photos. I love nature, but I’m thinking the most unusual atmosphere may be at 20,000 feet more or less over any area. I hope its the sea, falling down with everbody from the production team in the air, makeup artist, producer, assistants, models, my friends etc… it should be fun, I love the air!

Your dream picture is…?

Mmm, I dont know, my dream picture is just a dream I guess. There I have all the elements that I can imagine for that picture, where nothing is impossible.

I want a great picture with a lot of people all around me who are so important in my life, that each of them are very happy. My mom wrapped in many pieces of red cloth with my brothers and my dad and all my friends in my life, colleagues, friends of friends, everybody very happy and flying in the air. With a lot of light, bubbles, colors, animals, etc …

What do you think fashion means?

It means you take risks, and is the expression of our way of being and thinking.
For me fashion is the experience and the need to escape to the habitual universe, an objection to quotidian, where habits are modified and shown with particular personality and style of who creates it.

What keeps you being a person who needs to create?

Every time I see pictures taken by other photographers, I think that those photos could be mine, then I have to create new things to reverse that situation.

Also simply being alive tells me that I should do something, I can’t waste time. I’m an artist, I must have new information in my head.

Whenever I’m thinking of something interesting in my mind, I have to write it in my sketchbook. Any idea that I can think of, sometimes ideas are ephemeral, and sometimes there are more interesting and important ideas. I think how to develop and to show others these ideas, is with a picture.

If you had to replace taking pictures with something else to express yourself what would it be?

I love to sing, but I am very bad. My voice is so bad as well, but sounds good in the shower.

After that, I choose to draw. Although I’ve lost the habit, and I’m not good, honestly, but it is something that I love. Normally I do sketches for my photos previously, trace some lines on paper and I feel good doing it.

Can you share with us one of your secrets to be successful in the
things you’re doing?

I believe in the law of attraction, if I’m aware that I will achieve what I want, and always with a positive attitude I know that this will happen sooner or later. Taking pictures is something that comes from deep inside of me, is my passion and I do so with a lot of happiness and love. Photography gives me life, energy and I enjoy doing it. It’s my hobby and lifestyle.

Mauricio Gonzalez is 24 years old and lives in Bogotá, Colombia.

When he was around 18 years old, he had the opportunity to take a few photographs for a Colombian model as a study practice. For this session he used an analogue 35 mm camera and transparency film, getting a good result as his first professional photographic session. These shots were his starting point as a photographer.

He worked in different occupations to pay for his studies. Then he began to work for an advertising company as a graphic designer and for a TV Producer as an editor. In the evenings he dedicated his self to his studies.

Gradually he got involved in the world of imaging, exploring different photographic techniques such as; product shots, social events, portraits, experimental, urban landscapes and finally fashion photography. Thus he have been learning both empirically and from experienced photographers.

He has now been working for 4 years as a freelance photographer. He works for a Business Magazine called “Revista Gerente” and attend important events in the business world, including Colombiamoda taking runway photos. He also works for TV channels which has representation there in Colombia such as, Cartoon Network, CNN and HTV and others.

He has also worked as an assistant to renowned photographers like Mauricio Velez, Raul Higuera and others.

He is not very sure of his photographic style as of yet. He is still experimenting with techniques and trends, however he does like to include magic, fantasy and humour in his photographs.

He is very dynamic. He likes to prepare the photo session along with the production team some days before so they can have clear ideas of what they will do. This way they can get very creative and interesting images.

He wants the viewer to take enough time to observe his pictures and recreate whichever story they want.

He feels that God gave him this strange gift to represent the images he has in his head and he thinks that many of them are the result of what he has experienced in his life.
He enjoys doing this a lot!

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