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Landscapes of the Soul

November 19, 2008 by · 1 comment

Iliana Ivanova, virtual exhibit, part I


What impressed me most in the paintings of artist Iliana Ilieva is that each image has its own self and dynamics. To me, her artwork are not just an artist’s sharing and self expression, but also an echo, a resonance, an emotion reaching for viewers to involve them in a common movement.

MovementThe starting point for understanding Iliana’s art is moving towards the place that gives meaning and initiates everything, the soul. Her paintings reveal and reflect the internal view and perspective, the internal light and dynamics of the soul.

It was important and interesting for me to learn that each painting is related to a crucial event in the artist’s life such like illness or recovery. Those paintings don’t just represent states of the spirit and the soul or of something she observed; they are repeat experiencing of the world in a new way, through the means of visual art. That is the reason psychotherapist Bernasconi uses Iliana’s paintings for the covers of his books.

Let’s give the chance to the readers of Public Republic to discover Iliana’s art for themselves. Her first virtual exhibit here includes her Point of View series, consisting of five paintings (one of which is a fragment). In Iliana’s words, these paintings represent her viewpoints on people and herself through time.



Point of view



Translated from Bulgarian by Ellie Ivanova Ponti

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