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Mini Barter

October 14, 2010 by · No comments

To coincide with Frieze art fair Art Barter are bringing you their very first MINI BARTER! East London’s Maurice Einhardt Neu Gallery will be host to 10 artists selected from previous shows as well as two newcomers. Artists will include Mat Collishaw, Polly Morgan and Tim & Sue and you have just one night and one day to try your luck at bartering for their work, without the use of money!

The first Art Barter was held in London last November and it featured artists such as Tracey Emin, Gary Hume, Gavin Turk, and many more. After the firts success a second Art Barter in Berlin was held in June showing works by artists such as Saâdane Afif and Uwe Henneken. The next major show will be held in NYC at Envoy Enterprises from 9-12th December.

The Art Barter event revolves around the idea that artwork will be acquired by individuals through alternative means to money. Artists have always been familiar with the use of barter, from Picasso exchanging sketches for his meals, to hotels accepting art as payment for rent. However, the Art Barter event is unique in its promotion of such a form of exchange in the current art market, and in the lasting working relationships that are being born out of it. Some of the exchanges that were made last year were 3 months of sychotherapy; website design; 30 hours of French tuition and an all expense paid trip for two to a retreat in the South of France.


The catch

Nobody knows which artwork belongs to which artist until after the show has finished. This creates a gamble for the public and will make people value the art for what it really is. What’s more, Art Barter allows art to become available to a more diverse crowd than just those with disposable income and it is a fun and interactive way to become involved. Having to barter also entices the viewer to think about what they have that is unique to offer the artist.

No matter whether it is a special talent or skill that you have, as long as it is something that may be desirable to others, or if you just wish to view a great exhibition and try your luck with bartering, Mini Art Barter is a “must see”!

The way it works…

Each artists work is displayed in the exhibition with a unique number next to it. Viewers are invited to fill out barter forms with their offers on any work that they desire. These offers are then displayed for the duration of the show on a pin board, or if the viewer requires more privacy they can place their bids (barter forms) in secure boxes. At the end of the show the artists will receive all the offers made on their work and decide which (if any) they will exchange for.

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