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Multimedia Box : Buildings in motion – the new era of Architecture

September 29, 2010 by · No comments

Aneliya Angelcheva

David Fisher’s tower of motion, Dynamic Tower, draws a new picture of the future of architecture. It will open a door leading to a whole new age in building. The Dynamic Tower is designed to change its shape constantly so, in fact, it never repeats its previous position – not even once.

This project seems to be a vision from the future but it’s closer than we imagine. The structure of the Dynamic Tower is only a reflection of our own life – never still, always changing. It represents a vivid notion of an aspect of life of significant importance – change. With its revolving floors, the skyscraper provides the comfort to change its shape on command and thus the Dynamic Tower adjusts to the modern lifestyle.

This revolutionary project bears the atmosphere of a new wave of technology which we are about to witness.

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