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Multimedia Box: Coffee Latte Art

April 24, 2010 by · No comments

Beauty is in the small things. In your cup of coffee, for example. Have you ever looked at the strange shapes of soft white milk and thick black coffee? It doesn’t matter that your future is not written there. You might simply get a little “good-morning” mood.

This is the only philosophy of the new artform Coffee Latte Art. You do not need much to create art – just a cup of coffee, some warm milk, a little cinnamon, chocolate and a pinch of imagination. Every coffee-lover enjoys the simple drawing of stars, hearts and other shapes. Still the real Barista (a specialist in the preparation of espresso) is not content with that. He improves his skills and uses every inch of soft foam to draw. They make faces, leaves, complex figures, and miniatures.

Whether it is a complicated spelling of your name or just unshaped cinnamon heart, accept it as a silent wish for a happy day.


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