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Multimedia box: You are amazing! Smile!

May 14, 2010 by · 1 comment

One day the movie director Kurt Kuenne forgot to have his parking validated. Then a nice thought came to him out of the nowhere: “Wouldn`t it be great, if we actually received ‘real’ validations!” And the story was born. “Validation” was played at 34 film festivals and won 17 awards.

The actor TJ Thyne (Bones) plays the role of a parking attendant .He is a kind man, who just wants to make people smile. It is easy when you have the talent to see only the good in people. Handed out with the parking validation is a free compliment. Of course, everything changes when She – the lady who can`t smile – comes into his life.

Enjoy this little story, dressed in black and white, with some naïvely kind spirit and believe again that making others happy is the easiest way to happiness. Smile!

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