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Poems by Ivan Kulekov Part II

July 16, 2009 by · No comments

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Today the weather will be nice… I’ll take off my shoes.
I might cut my toenails… I like to cut my nails and also to scrape
my heels. In general, I enjoy the pleasures life offers… I’m not one
of those who believe in reincarnation, and when the weather’s nice,
I don’t miss the opportunity to take off my shoes or cut my nails…
I cannot understand the people who are before me or those who are
behind me, and that makes me feel a bit lonely, but only when
the weather is bad. When the weather improves – I’m in seventh Heaven…
Excuse me, what are you selling? Oh, sunflower seeds… Give me a pack…
Thank you! But how did you get here?… Hey, comrade… He stands
before me and doesn’t even hear me… That means that if I were
a seed-seller, who knows how much further I’d get!… Interesting,
from time to time various ambitions seize me… And this little man hit
his head with some book as if the line didn’t interest him at all…
Someone couldn’t stand it and broke his glasses…Yes, many people
get tense from the waiting and their conduct becomes completely
unpredictable… Lately I see they’ve begun cultivating caged birds.
Functional and calming. Otherwise our life processes flow normally.
If your legs fill with blood, you stand on your head, If your head fills,
you stand on your feet again. Our life processes go on normally…
Oh, I must go back around the circle?… Interesting, what are we
waiting for today?… I could never understand what people were
waiting for – today one thing, tomorrow another… Not that I’m all
that interested, I expect nothing, but it would be nice nonetheless
to have some information. So, what hot sun. Oh, with what pleasure
will I take off my shoes and cut my nails… And if I scrape my heels!…

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