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Reviews of Ludmila Filipova’s novel “Glass Butterflies”

April 27, 2009 by · 1 comment

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With her novel “Glass Butterflies” Ludmila Filipova has asserted herself as a capable and experienced author ready to enter unknown and virgin territory. “Glass Butterflies” is written in modern style and contains both attractive and clear messages. It stands out among the most precious achievements of the contemporary Bulgarian prose, a phenomenon which is yet to be judged on its merits.

Being aware of what kind of explosion hazardous matter is dealing with the author uses the dexterities of drama, fabulousness, tense thriller investigation and documentary fiction, placing the plot of her novel from 1999 to 2026 having the clear vision that the problems she is taking up which barely no one has jet paid attention to appears to be extremely topical, meaningful and worth the efforts of two years of hard work that accompanied the delivery of the novel.

She is much the same precise as a researcher and scrupulous as a skillfully supporting intrigue narrator to whom any trustful reader may unconditionally give credit to. Written with love and ambition the novel “Glass Butterflies” relies on the commitment of the intelligent and educated reader who is ready to invest in a book with a universal moral message, a token of nourished for so long Europeanization of our prose for which pleaded yet in 1921 Boyan Penev, one of the most prominent Bulgarian critics.

With impeccably defended creative concept, a modern one as vision, printing workmanship and cinematographic structuring of different chapters, the book of Filipova bravely takes off for its reader./…/

Excerpts from the critical analysis of Borislav Gardev (critic and writer)

* * *

“I did not trust contemporary Bulgarian literature until I read “Glass Butterflies” of Ludmila Filipova”.

Vanya Shekerova, Deputy-Chief Editor, Eva Magazine.

* * *

“The novel is far from being a scientific fiction but a result of a long author’s investigation. Everything Filipova is writing about is a reality and therefore this punctuality of facts provides strength to her words. As if she is gifted with the privilege to foresee the future the author’s consecutive novel “Glass Butterflies” leaves us with many questions.”

Gergana Marinova, Newspaper “Pari” (Money)

* * *

“In her newest novel the writer is ringing the alarm with literature means and concrete documentary facts for the hazards of uncontrolled trade with “glassy children”. The book of Ludmila makes you stand on end with each following page. And this condition is provoked not only by the fate of the characters but by the particular scientific facts either. Many of the characters have real prototypes. The described story may occur any moment to anybody in the world.”

Pepa Yordanova, Newspaper “Vsichko za zhenata” (All for Woman)

* * *

The third novel of the writer Ludmila Filipva is a dizzy downhill in an abyss but simultaneously in several such places. Modern technologies which highlight ethical problems and refer to eternal philosophic issues are shaking our daily round. No matter through what prism “Glass Butterflies” should be read its layers are always more numerous than they seem at the beginning.

Free Style Magazine

* * *

/../As early I have been reading “Glass Butterflies” I feel excited. The layers deeply in my awareness have changed their order. Reminiscences, opportunities “déjà vu” … as if everything is coming back to life and wakes up. And what one can say about the butterflies? And what one can think about the huge inky butterflies with brown spots on their wings. These are our thoughts, our memories about the future if you want.

Whether all described by Ludmila haven’t happened ever before? We do not know, as we don’t know whether it will ever occur. However the probability is high. Like it once happened with “451 on Fahrenheit”. In 1970 it was a scientific fiction, now it’s a reality.

However what is definitely sure is that the warning is very strong. This is the warning of our own planet and nature. The book of Ludmila Filipova “Glass Butterflies” is a new reminder to us, the people. Its main idea emerges not by chance neither does her skillful juxtaposition with one of the theories of Maya’s calendar with the ethics./…/

Daniela Danova, journalist and translator

* * *

Glass Butterflies” seen from purely artistic point of view is very good thriller, written with known to us style and craftsmanship, intriguing, incisive with many subject lines, with profoundness… But whether it can be viewed in such a way? In my view the described real tendencies and facts she builds on her plot are sufficiently important to make us think about them? So, although “Glass Butterflies” contains as well purely artistic qualities, I would say on my part that what makes such a novel a good one is the fact that it makes you think.”

Ivan Atanasov

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