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Under the headline SCIENCITY DUESSELDORF and the motto “INTERFACES – the Art of Science” Dusseldorf will be highlighted as a European capital of science, art and culture.

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SCIENCITY symbolises the link between science and society, research and art, mind and design, tradition and vision. SCIENCITY will demonstrate that good answers and innovative solutions of current and future problems like e.g. demographic changes, energy development and improvement of the education system or recruitment of young talents can only be found in understanding the interaction between science, society, culture and art. SCIENCITY will show fascinating scientific results created in cooperation and interaction between scientists from different faculties and universities in Dusseldorf to demonstrate new trends and developments.

During the Researcher‘s Night the city centre of Dusseldorf will be transformed into a big science lab, where visitors will spot activities highlighting the role of science in society as well as a researcher’s everyday work. The programme offers a colourful mix of games, workshops, experiments, presentations, interactive installations, panel discussions and performances, and is expected to attract a wide audience from all different age groups. Several representative buildings and institutions will host scientific and artistic presentations, thus allowing visitors to experience research directly and in unusual places not always accessible to the public.

Held for the first time in Dusseldorf, the Researchers’ Night will be organised by three public institutes of higher education: Heinrich Heine University, Dusseldorf University of Applied Sciences and Robert Schuman School of Music and Media. Due to the diverse but complementary nature of the partner universities the concept of SCIENCITY is interdisciplinary bringing together fields ranging from media technology to natural sciences, from medical sciences to art activities.

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