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Stick Tight Man by Jim Lally

January 30, 2010 by · No comments

Sheri Wright


Jim Lally’s love of earth is presented to us quietly, deeply, much like his description of a Quaker gathering in his poem At The Quaker Meeting. This book shows us that we can live in a balanced way with our surroundings, with each other and that change does not require coercion, that it is not a failing to not know all the answers.

We are reminded to seek them out in the hum of bees, the collapse of old barns that open our view to the sky, that we may do well to enjoy the company of geriatric cats who know a good deal about finding enough warmth to surrender old bones into. This book illustrate that compassion is not owned by any belief system, that it is inherent in each of us and that it can be extended to a fly trapped in the door screen if only we choose to open it.

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