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Svetlan Stefanov – Artist of the Week

January 26, 2009 by · No comments

Vanya Nikolaeva

When images speak louder than words…

Svetlan StefanovSvetlan Stefanov is the winner of the “Modern times” photo contest, which took place in August 2008 in Sofia (Bulgaria). Svetlan works as a web designer and freelance photographer.


“In the process of creating my artworks, my aim is to follow the thin borderline between classic photography and the vision of fine art. In my opinion, the art of photography is aimed not only at at the eyes, but at the spirit too, as it is in classic paintings. The color, the composition and the idea of real photography should follow the same line, as they do in fine art. I don’t find a strong difference between monochrome and color photos, as there is no difference in what a color is expressed in an honest and impressive image. Art, no matter its style, could only be true or false.”

Silent conversations

Messenger III
Svetlan Stefanov

Messenger IV
Svetlan Stefanov

The Look
Svetlan Stefanov

Svetlan Stefanov

Ghost dance
Svetlan Stefanov

Same place, different time…
Svetlan Stefanov

“Using the computer to improve the final vision is not a heresy for me – the equipment, no matter what it is, is created to give full satisfaction of the final result of human action. The bad image could not be improved anyway. The result – the power of the image – has the highest importance in my work and I seek it using any means of action – no limits.”

Messenger V (White Light)
Svetlan Stefanov

Daydream – Nightmare VIII
Svetlan Stefanov

Svetlan Stefanov

A blink away
Svetlan Stefanov

Me and Myself – a TV show
Svetlan Stefanov

“My experience in computer art and painting is the natural way that helps the process of catharsis in each of my artworks, increases my skill and aesthetic sense for making good photography.

The themes in my works are deeply connected with my search for visualizing the spirit, the invisible truth and the eternal essence.”

Once upon a time
Svetlan Stefanov

Svetlan Stefanov

Svetlan Stefanov

The shadow
Svetlan Stefanov

Svetlan Stefanov

Svetlan Stefanov

Svetlan Stefanov

Svetlan Stefanov

Art experience:

• Participation in the Blue Art project, along with Nikolai and Marina Russevi – March 2002 Varna, City Art Gallery
• A one-man show project “Energies”, October 2002, Varna, The House of the Masters Art Gallery
• Awarded in “Computer Space” 2002 competition, Sofia, Bulgaria.
• Participation in the Christmas exhibition with artists from Varna, December 2002, Center for Contemporary art, Varna
• Participation in Ist National Photo Salon, Varna 2003
• Computer Graphic World Magazine – artist for March / April 2003
• Designer and co-organizer of OZZ TATTOO MUSIC FEST, 2004, Varna
• Participation in III Canon – Bulgaria photo exhibition, 2004
• Exhibition with artist Miroslav Jordanov, November 2004, City Gallery, Varna
• Participation in Winter Exhibition 2004, City Gallery, Varna
• Awarded in III National Photo Salon, Varna 2005, 1st place for monochrome photography and honorable award for color photography
• Participation in IV “Canon – Bulgaria” photo exhibition, 2005
• Participation in V “Canon – Bulgaria” photo exhibition, 2006
• Participation in IV National Photo Salon – Varna, Bulgaria 2006
• Exhibition with several artists “In search for an image”, March 2007, City Gallery, Varna
• Participation in XLI Concurso Fotográfico De Bizkaia Internacional, 2007
• First award in the Modern Times photographic contest, 2008, organized by Public Republic
• Participation and special prize in IV Foto ExTempore, Novigrad, Croatia, 2008

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