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The Week…Ikebana with Ayumi Hamasaki

June 28, 2010 by · 2 comments

a comparison Photo: grumblindal

I don’t have dreams. How can I say it? I myself am a dream.

Ikebana à la Japan expo Photo: 10392797@N03

I don’t think you should meet the people you most admire. I don’t want reality to interfere with my image.

on the window sill Photo: natagarden

I understand it’s my role to realize people’s dreams.

The way I work, typically, I do everything at the very last minute. Even if I was given two months, I’d do it in the last three days.

the demonstration piece Photo: ali_san

I have trouble voicing my thoughts… I can’t communicate very well that way.

Japanese Day - York St John's Photo: 50638285@N00

In the beginning, I was searching for myself in my music. My music was for me. I didn’t have the mental room to be conscious of the listener; I wrote to save myself.

Ikebana (Madrid) Photo: dalbera

I don’t set goals. Like, that’s what I want to be doing however many years from now. I do what I love to do at the moment. If I wake up tomorrow and decide I want to dance, that’s what I’d do. Or design clothes.

Ikebana (Madrid)3 Photo: dalbera

I always like whatever I did most recently. It’s the closest to who I am at the moment.

Ikebana (Madrid)2 Photo: dalbera

It sounds odd coming from me, but I realize what I say and how I look has a great impact.

Ikebana (Madrid) 4 Photo: dalbera

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