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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

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Lauren Sophie Kearney


I’m going home today. There is another long journey ahead of me, but I shall just use this to my advantage and spend my time writing. This is far simpler said than done, though, because I am far too tired to write and I spend most of the way intermittently sleeping.

My dog was in the car too so he amused me throughout the journey, walking all over me to stare out the window. It must have been quite a funny sight to bystanders.

I am back at home, at the apartment, along with the removals van. There is so much stuff – heavy belongings. It is at times like this that I really dislike living on the fourth floor; lots and lots of stairs with lots and lots to carry.

Did I mention there isn’t a lift in the apartment block? I must have walked up and down those stairs twelve times.

Never did I think this long, hard day would end. But it did and now I’m going out for dinner at an authentic Bulgarian restaurant right next to the apartment block. I am certainly looking forward to it

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