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���Walkin’ On Persepolis”

October 12, 2015 by ·

Dear reader, Public Republic presented the band Veivecura to your attention with an exclusive interview on 08.09.14: Artist of the Week-Veivecura/

Today, Public Republic was chosen together with seven other online magazines �����The Breakfast Jumpers�����������������������, �������������Dance Like Shaquille O’ Neal”, ���Just Kids Magazine�����, ���Mescalina”,”Radio Bombay���, “Shake Grandipalledifuoco” and “Son of Marketing | Unknown Music Pleasuresto” to be part of the release of the new Veivecura Album “Walkin��� On Persepolis”.

“Walkin’ on Persepolis” will be released on 16th of October 2015. So, the same day the 8 remixes will be available for an exclusive one-day download from 8 different online magazines and Public Republic will be one of them.

We would like to thank Veivecura and the label La Vigna Dischi for their trust and wish them good luck with the album release and the coming tour!

In this relation we spoke with Davide Iacono from Veivecura. Here are his answers:

Davide, how did you get the ideas for the new album and what is the meaning of the name?

The song Persepolis was born casually, from a reverse loop of a piano take. It was not meant to be part of the Goodmorning Utopia (our last studio album) tracklist, but then I decided it to be the first track of the album. It lasts only one and half minute, so then I thought: “Why don’t we give Persepolis a longer life?�������

Initially I wanted to create a longer version of the song, but then I thought to let some musician and producer friends to give it a new life. From today 8 different versions of Persepolis are available. 8 sons of a unique mother.


The title of the album �����Walkin’ On Persepolis” is a metaphor: a walk through the ruins of one person�������s past. It was taken from the only words of the original track.

Who participated and how was it to work with other musicians?

In order of tracklist:
��� Fobìa, (Italian Fabio Cuccari). This is his first professional production; I am very happy about it, it’s a wonderful job.
������������� Jonas David, German songwriter and friend I have been playing with for 5 years now. I think Jonas is a genius and a wonderful artist.
����� The third track is made by Kalima, Dutch producer Bart Folmer, featuring violinist Anne Bakker; I think their remix is a gem, I am very proud of what they made.
����������������� Nowhen is Italian Giovanni Ferrazzi, with his atmospheric electronic music.
��� Cinema Noir is a band from Palermo; we played together different times in several festivals and – when they were working on Persepolis remix ����� I was working on the remix of a wonderful song written by them.
��� Rhò is Rocco Centrella’s moniker. Rome-based artist, he always comes to my concerts when I play in Rome. I also organized some Rhò gigs in my city, Modica, so we met different times.
Rina Lou is a Swiss producer. We met last year during her holiday in Sicily so we had the chance to know each other and talk about music. Her remix has a very strong personality; it gives the album a wider perspective.
• Last but not least: Haas is the new moniker of Giampiero Riggio, Sicilian musician and designer based in Stuttgard. Giampiero choose to delete everything about his (astonishing, wonderful) music past and re-born as Haas. I have always wanted to work together with him and Persepolis was the perfect chance.

I didn���t give any advice or limit to the artists; everyone was free to do anything they wanted. I think this is the strength of the album: if you listen to it you don’t notice it���s always the same track; it looks like a concept album!

How long did you work on it and how can you describe the music?

We have worked on it for six months. We’ve been a dream-team: the artists for the remixes and the studio work; my manager Paolo Tedesco from label La Vigna Dischi; producer and musician Salvo Puma made the master of the album; Chiara Incarbone for artwork and videos.

What are the plans for the presentation of the album?

“Walkin��� on Persepolis” will be released on 16th of October 2015. The same day the 8 remixes will be available for an exclusive one-day download from 8 different online magazines.

Of course Public Republic will be one of the 8 magazines through which we will let people download the tracks.

From 18th October we will be touring in Europe. We will cross Germany and part of Italy. Here are the tour dates:

• 18.10.: BRAUSE, Dusseldorf (GER)
������� 22.10: ENDSTATION SEHENSUCHT, Wuppertal (GER)
��� 23.10: HEY PAPA, Hamburg (GER)
��� 24.10: KIKI SOL, Berlin (GER)
• 26.10.: CAFE GALAO, Stuttgard (GER)
• 28.10.: OFFICINE CORSARE, Torino (ITA)
• 29.10.: ARCI ORIGAMI, La Spezia (ITA)
• 30.10.: RIVE JAZZ CLUB, Bassano del Grappa (VI, ITA)
����������������������� 2.11.: OSTERIA DEL FICO, Cremona (ITA)
��������������������������������������� 5.11.: GALA CAFFÈ, Martinsicuro (TE, ITA)
• 6.11.: PORCELLI TAVERN, Amelia (TR, ITA)
• 7.11.: FERRO 3, Scafati (SA, ITA)
��� 8.11.: NA COSETTA, Roma (ITA)

Where can your album be bought from?

The album will be available since 16th October on La Vigna Dischi website and bandcamp ( and on digital stores: iTunes (preorder at this link:, Spotify, Amazon, etc.

We decided on a very low price to share it as much as we can!

Thank you Public Republic!

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