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Artist of the Week – VeiveCura

September 8, 2014 by · 1 comment

Interview with Davide Iacono, musician and founder of VeiveCura by Dessislava Berndt


veivecura by Chiara Incarbone
VeiveCura, Photo by Chiara Incarbone

Davide, how did you get into music?

I’ve been connected with music since I was in my mother’s womb. She was studying piano for her last exam before graduation.

Who should be reached by your music?

I dream to be reached by everyone. I don’t think music should be limited only to a few kinds of listeners!

What are your plans this year?

There are many many things in my head, I do hope to realize all of them! Some examples: to release an EP with remixes of “Persepolis” song (it’s the first track of my last album) by European artists / to go on tour in December, in Italy with my band / to go on tour in January in Germany with other artist: Honig, Jonas David, Tim Neuhaus, Ian Fisher / record an EP of covers from ’90s / a video for “Oxymoron” song / go on tour around Europe (anyone who can help me?) / and many, many other dreams!

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Do you have a big crew?

VeiveCura is more like a family, more friendship and less business. We have a label, called La Vigna Dischi, Made by Sicilian people like me. Then we have a booking agency, they are Sicilian , too. My girlfriend Chiara takes care about artwork and videos. More than 50 musicians have already played with me. This is my crew, I love it.

veivecura 4 by Chiara Incarbone
VeiveCura, Photo by Chiara Incarbone

What is the source of your inspiration?

I’m inspired by feelings, especially by nature, but in general I have many different inputs. For example in the last record there is one song that was created while thinking about the soccer player Roberto Baggio.

Do you know anything about Bulgaria?

Hristo Stoickov.

Where is the best place to be?

The place where there aren’t idiots, and it’s always difficult to find this place. Another place to be is the place where you are loved.

What are your other passions?

I love to play soccer, or watch it on tv, I’m an Inter supporter. I love Sicilian food too, and looking at the winter sea. Another passion of mine was Dexter, but it’s over, shit.

veivecura 2 by Giuseppe Marano
VeiveCura, Photo by Giuseppe Marano

What’s your life philosophy? And your daily routine?

My life philosophy is “Don’t listen to your mother or to your girlfriend, just do everything you want, if you think it is right”. I don’t have a daily routine, my life is so strange. Sometimes I’m on tour for one month, sometimes I stay in my hometown for 3 months. For example , this summer I worked a lot on renting apartments in Sicily, but sometimes I played music, too.

Which was the most surprising experience for you working with other musicians?

I like thinking about my experience with Moltheni. He’s an Italian intimist songwriter, when I was young he was a kind of famous artist, between alternative and mainstream. And when I started playing music he called me to record piano in 3 tracks of his record “Ingrediente Novus”. It was a dream, I was just a young guy, and he was one of my favorites artists.

You have friends in Wuppertal and played on 18.7.14 in Sommerloch. When and how did the connection to Wuppertal begin?

I lived two years in Wuppertal because I was one of the musicians of the songwriter Jonas David. He lives there, and we rehearsed there when we were waiting for European tours.

veivecura by Sara Gallaro
VeiveCura, Photo by Sara Gallaro

What are you dreaming about?

I’m dreaming about going on tours with VeiveCura more often, about feeling the connection between my music and the people.

VeiveCura is Davide Iacono’s creature. The project started 2009. To create his debut album, “Sic Volvere Parcas” (2010), this eclectic artist availed himself of an actual little orchestra collaboration composed of trusted musician friends, taking in minimalist/visual atmospherics. Later he collaborated with important artists of the italian indie scene, followed by international experiences shoulder to shoulder with indie-folk singer-songwriters. He performed on the Belgian, Dutch, German, Czech and Italian underground stages and played with Moltheni, Jonas David, Honig, Polyana Felbel, Julia A. Noack, Alì, Stead. 2012 was the release year for VeiveCura’s second album, Tutto è Vanita’ (LaFameDischi). The albums “Is this love” and “Goodmorning Utopia” followed 2013 and 2014.

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