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Artist of the Week – Beatrix Giouras

September 22, 2014 by · No comments

Interview with the German designer Beatrix Giouras by Dessislava Berndt
Translated from German by Dessislava Berndt, Proofreading: Simon Pavlov



Who or what is „Zauberwaeldchen“?

A few years ago, I formed a dragon with modeling clay. Dragons live in mystical places and are surrounded by strange creatures and plants, in magical forests, where wishes come true. That, is how the name “Zauberwaeldchen“ was born.


What kind of products do you offer?

In my shop, on DaWanda, you can find a lot of digital collages, text foils and other nice things in “Landhaus-Stil”. Also, romantic trifles which stir woman’s blood, or manuals for Do-it-Yourself-projects in shabby- and modern design.


Who is the target group of “Zauberwaeldchen”?

The products of Zauberwaeldchen shoud reach out to people who love nostalgic motives and who like to be creative everywhere.


Who or what is your inspiration?

I find a lot of motives on fleet markets, in old photo albums of relatives and friends, in old love letters or in stories about past times. In nature, there are wonderful places that invite dreams and serve as an inspiration.


What do you like in your work?

I love to combine old and new objects and motives in a way that new ones arise. I have fun to go through time and look at things differently. I am always looking for new ideas and inspiration.


How would you describe “Zauberwaeldchen” with five words?



Who or what influences your work?

Wonderful memories of my grandmother influence my style. I love to dwell on the past and can sense the smell of roses from our rose garden. I am very grateful to inherit her craftsmanship and love, especially to roses which you can find in almost all of my work.


What characterises your work?

Everything I do is made with love. I have an eye for detail. The customer’s feedback can serve me as a motivation to improve.


What do you like in Wuppertal?

I like the parks and our river Wupper. Our city has a great past. And, of course the hovering with the Schwebebahn is great!


What are your hopes and ambitions for the future?

At the moment I dream to publish a book.



Bea, thank you very much for the interview and good luck!

Foto - Bea

Beatrix Giouras was born in 1974 in Halle/Saale and lived there till 1991. She qualified as legal assistant in Wuppertal. Since 2009 she is active as designer with “Zauberwaeldchen”.


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