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Wednesday, April 4, 2012

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Lauren Sophie Kearney


Today I am content. Back home, ready to start yet another new life with new surroundings, new people. Though slightly daunted, there is a part of me that is overflowing with happiness.

Outside the window I can see beautiful houses, vast greenery, airplanes flying to and fro – I live near to an airport – and sunlit blue in the distance, indicating the sea. It would be foolish of me to want for anything more.

Not only am I in high spirits because of my new, faultless home, but I am also happy about the all-day opportunity to write. I can sit at the table and write all-day-long as freely and honestly as I want.

At the moment I am putting most of my creative energy into this diary, because frankly, I find it quite a challenge recording my thoughts.

Before I begin to write, I grab a book off the bookshelf to read. I’ve noticed that reading beforehand sort of wakes me up a bit, so I’ve got into the habit of doing so most mornings. At present, I am one page into a Nicholas sparks novel, The Choice.

His ability to write with such passion and realism astounds me and I sincerely hope, that one day, I will write just as well.

I spend the rest of the day studying, editing work and checking emails on my laptop. I’m also in the midst of planning a novel. There is so much that I have planned methodically, but there is still a missing part that is yet to find me and I’m waiting for it to enter my mind.

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