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Small Journeys: Reflections while traveling in central Kentucky – Part 4 out of 5

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Roger Conner Jr Leaving Frankfort I drove to Lexington, and after an overnight stay in a hotel went to the University of Kentucky art museum, where an excellent exhibition of Ancient Egyptian artifacts called “Excavating Egypt”is on display. This exhibit permitted no photography, and while it may have been possible to sneak a non-flash picture […]


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Roger Craik Photo: Ctd 2005 Afterwards I pulled up one blue sheet Above us both. It made a cave and there we lay. The blue light that we made Was ours alone. I told you then how many caves, More than the number of our days, Were ours to have in London, Venice, Amsterdam, But […]

Climbing Up

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Tanya Kolyovska Photo: lepiaf.geo We did not have much time. The stooped back wind (we are all of us maimed) showed the road in the woods. The silence made us look like shadows that had ruined their bodies. We wanted to feel our skin and become one whole with it again. … Sincere, we strictly […]

Artist of the Week – Vessy Borisova

August 9, 2009 by · 1 comment

The faces speak … Who is Vessy Borisova? A photographer, a film producer, a diver, a mother and a very creative and positive person. Who loves life with all its challanges. What impresses you about the human face? The face is the silent story of a human life. A poem, written from the soul about […]

He Lives

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Kristin Dimitrova Photo: striatic It has been years since my disgusting suitor stopped calling. He used to invade my dreams, sometimes holding my hand, pouring his meanness into me.

Multimedia Box: The Kid

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Charlie Chaplin was born in the UK in 1889 and became one of the most inspiring and influential personalities of the 20th century. His movies, which he directed and produced himself, are filled with emotion and show life in all its’ complexity. His work portrays the lives of the poor and the rich, the happy […]

Your Last Letter

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Roger Craik Photo: michale When your last letter came at last, it came not as you said it would, by hand, in my mailbox — your nerve, I thought, was not equal to that – but in the trusty U.S. Mail.

Small Journeys: Reflections while traveling in central Kentucky – Part 3 out of 5

August 4, 2009 by · No comments

Roger Conner Jr Sequel I was on my way to the old capital building in Frankfort. Kentucky was originally intended to be called Transylvania by the man who sponsored Danial Boone’s first attempt to settle the area, not because it is known for vampires, but because Transylvania is Latin for “across the woods”. Lexington is […]

Artist of the Week – Marcos Rivero

August 2, 2009 by · 10 comments

An interview with Marcos Rivero by Ani Vasileva He was born in 1972 in Las Palmas de Gran Canaria (Canary Islands, Spain). Though his job is not related to photography, he finds time every day to sit with his pictures as a way of escaping of daily problems and relaxing. First he became interested in […]

Even in summer, long johns

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Simon Perchik Photo: Johan Larsson Even in summer, long johns and fleece-lined jackets just in case — you drive across though the silk scarf already resembles the thinning air this time without its wings